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12 Bad Habits You Need to Remove From Your Life





Personal hygiene is a must for everyone and it should become a habit. Otherwise, we would be stinking by now. More importantly, it helps us veer away from sicknesses and/or illnesses. Apparently though, man of us often do not pay attention to some small details that could actually give us ideal health and total happiness.

Below are some habits that you need to stop doing or following. Keep them in mind!

#1. Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is usually a way to cope up with emotional and/or mental stress. Truth is, it does not really work well for your appearance and health. Give it up.

#2. Cotton Swabs for Cleaning Ears

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You might think that Q-tips are best for cleaning your ears. Unfortunately, they are not. You are actually doing the exact opposite. You are only pushing the wax in, causing more harm than good. It could even result to a damaged eardrum and hearing loss.

#3. Not Washing Hands After Using the Restroom

Study shows that a good percentage of people around the world do not wash their hands after using the restroom. And it is really, really bad. Washing your hands is the best and easiest way to prevent sickness.

#4. Not Replacing Toothbrush For a Long Time

Source: Pixabay

Believe it or not, toothbrushes are one of the dirtiest things in our homes. They can easily collect bacteria and germs, especially when wet. They can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Dentists advise to replace toothbrushes every 2 to 3 months.

#5. Way of Brushing Teeth

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Even if you brush your teeth, there is still a good chance of having tartar. This is where problems of the heart can start. It is best to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, including your tongue. Do not rush things when brushing.

#6. Not Flossing Your Teeth

Source: Pixabay

Sure, you brush your teeth and tongue thoroughly. However, if do not perform dental floss, you will still get germs. Without flossing, it is almost difficult to keep your gums from achieving tip-top condition.

#7. Exfoliating Your Face Daily

Exfoliating is good for your face, but make sure not to do it on a daily basis. Doing it every day can only lead to more acne and wrinkles, making you look old.

#8. Not Cleaning Everyday Items

Source: Pixabay

Things that you use or touch every day are packed with all sorts of germs and bacteria. If you want to be healthy and free from sickness, make sure to clean them all the time.

#9. Using Fluoride-Filled Toothpaste

Contrary to popular belief, this kind of taste is actually harmful especially for kids. It only contributes incorrect health development and adds white spots on teeth.

#10. Covering the Pillow with a Cotton Pillowcase

This fabric actually makes you look a bit older, as it adds wrinkles to your face. It also dries your skin and damages your hair. Opt for pillowcases made of silk and throw those cotton pillowcases away.

#11. Vacuuming Too Often

Source: Pixabay

Too much of everything can kill you, and the same idea can be applied to vacuuming. Doing it every single day can only harm you. This is most especially if you do not clean the machine. It is recommended to change the vacuum filter at least once every season.

#12. Over-Clipping Your Toenails

Source: YouTube

If you tend to cut your nails short, then wearing socks and walking might be a huge problem. The pressure can very well result in growing into the skin of your toes, making it hard for you to walk. Just trim your nails right. Do not cut them too short.

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