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11 Bad Habits You Need to Stop Doing in Your Relationship





Nowadays, everything just seems to be technologically progressive. We now have mobile devices that we can use to communicate with one another. We also have driverless cars for people who just want to enjoy the thrill of riding. These are just among the many benefits we experience, thanks to technology. But while we continue to thrive in this area, we still follow some outdated aspects in our lives – and a relationship is among them.

Today, we’re going to feature relationship situations that involve people with secrets. They basically try to hide stuff that, unbeknownst to their knowledge, can result into a conflict. Without further ado, here they are!

#11. Health

We’re so guilty of this really. We tend to pretend that everything’s alright when it’s not. It’s pretty simple: Don’t pretend you’re immortal. Let your partner know whatever health issue you have.

#10. Intimate Moments

It’s true that later on in our relationship, we tend to outgrow our longing for intimate moments. Perhaps it’s due to stress or that we’re simply busy with work. But whatever the case is, you need to keep in mind that physical intimacy is a huge factor in a relationship. Haven’t you noticed yet that the more you decline, the more you’re beginning to feel uncomfortable with your partner?

#9. Funny and Weird Habits

Of course, each one of us has our own weird habits. Some of you might be fond of dancing, while others are simply shy. This is most especially true with your significant other. He/she has his/her own habits or “addictions.” So, as much as possible, try to open up and share your habits. You’ll be surprised that you two actually share a habit or two.

#8. Indifference Towards Kids

There’s always a time for everything, and this is also true with having kids. You can always postpone having one, but be sure that you both undergo family planning. Remember: This is a very crucial part of your relationship, so be sure to discuss this with your partner.

#7. Financial Issues

Don’t be shy about telling your partner that you’re experiencing financial issues. Yes, it’s easier said than done; however, it’s important that you utter words like “we have no money” or “we don’t need to buy it now.” The family budget is a significant matter in any relationship. Learn to talk this with your partner.

#6. Partner’s Drawbacks and/or Failures

It’s really wrong to just simply blame your partner for his/her mishaps. The best thing to do is to discuss it with him/her. But in order to meet halfway, you must discuss it peacefully.

#5. The Right to Stay Alone

Contrary to popular belief, we all have the right to be alone – even when married. Sometimes, being alone is beneficial, as we can concentrate more on our thoughts whatsoever. If your partner needs a “me-time,” then give it to him/her. Don’t take that away from him/her.

#4. Personal Issues

It’s obvious that we don’t like to hear the same story over and over again. However, things can only get worse if you choose to stay silent. Remember that there’s a fine line between reticence and the unwillingness to upset your significant other.

#3. Parents

It’s good to follow or compromise with your partner’s parents. After all, they’re part of your lives already. But when they start to control your life as a couple, discuss this with your partner heart-to-heart. Remind your partner and yourself that the two of you have your own family.

#2. Plans for the Future

Couples often suffer here because they always follow whatever they think is right. Truth is, needless sacrifices can harm you both. If you want changes in your life, then share them with your partner. If you have plans for your family’s future, then don’t keep them to yourself – let your partner know about them.

#1. Appearance Complexes

Believe it or not, both criticisms of appearance and happy relationship can never be found together. Keep in mind that you should love your partner not because he’s handsome or she’s pretty. You must love him/her genuinely.

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