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25 Photos of Awful Tourists Who Just Had To Do The Most Stupid Things





Traveling is always a fun experience, whether you are visiting a popular tourist attraction or a historic destination. Of course, taking selfies and buying some souvenirs is always a must so you can eventually capture and relive the unforgettable moments.

For some tourists, however, simple photos and store-bought keepsakes aren’t enough. As you will see on the disturbing images below, some just had to climb ancient statues to take epic Instagram selfies, endangered animal lives, destroyed rare pink grasses, and even vandalized ancient walls.

At the end of this post, we’re sure you’re going to agree with us about this: we hope these tourists don’t breed.

#1. The Lethal Selfie

This happened in southern Spain when beachgoers decided it would be a good idea to take selfies with a lost baby dolphin instead of calling rescuers. The animal later passed away from stress of being held and passed around by tourists for photos.

#2. An Oregon Icon Destroyed

The “duckbill” sandstone formation (also known as “Pedestal Rock” or “Pacific Northwest Rock”) has always been considered as one of the icons of Oregon.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by tourists who ignored the fence and pushed the unique rock formation down.

#3. Poor Peacocks!

Meanwhile in China, visitors at the Beijing Zoo chased peacocks and ripped their tail feathers out after catching them. Other tourists tried to stop them but they didn’t listen and simply continued with the cruel act.

#4. Tourists Prevent Turtles From Nesting

In Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s Ostional Wildlife Refuge a huge crowd gathered and scared away olive ridley sea turtles from nesting. Some even took photos while standing on turtle nests while others were spotted sitting their children on top of the animals.

#5. Chinese Teen Vandalizes Egyptian Temple

Ding Jinhao was visiting Egypt’s Temple of Luxor with his family. Instead of simply adoring the place, the teen decided to leave his mark on one of the ancient artworks. He wrote “Ding Jinhao was here.” Naturally, netizens were furious for what he did.

#6. Picking Lotus Flowers At An Eco Park

In Sichuan, China, the Longqiao Cultural and Ecological Park was scheduled for reopening but instead had to stay closed after the park began having troubles with tourists entering the place without permission to pick lotus flowers.

As if that wasn’t enough, some even broke the fences and fished on the stream.

#7. Guy Knocks Over Statue After Climbing It and Trying To Take A Selfie

A tourist wanted to have an epic selfie moment and so he decided to climb the pedestal of a Dom Sebastiao statue,which is almost 130 years old. Unfortunately, the statue fell over and so cops quickly took action and arrested the man.

#8. Calf Ends Up Getting Euthanized Because of Tourists

In Yellowstone national Park, two tourists assumed it would be a good idea to put a bison cal inside their car on a warm, sunny day.

The problem is park staff members could no longer locate the animal’s mother after it got separated from the herd. Also, the calf began creating chaos as it approached visitors and vehicles so it eventually had to be euthanized.

#9. Another Case of A Statue vs A Selfie-Obsessed Tourist

Lisbon, Portugal’s Saint Michael statue got knocked over by another selfie-hungry visitor at the National Museum of Ancient Art who got too close with it. The result? The piece was badly damaged that repairing it is no longer an option.

#10. Graffiti At The Colosseum

A 42-year-old Russian tourist carved letter K on the wall of the historic Colosseum, which is almost 2,000 years of age. Mariarosario Barbera said that the damage was particularly “notable” and so the man had to face a fine of 20,000 euros.

#11. Hot Spring Turns Green Because of “Good Luck” Coins

In Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park’s Morning Glory hot spring pool turned from blue to green after tourists threw in some coins for “good luck.” Now people are calling it Fading Glory after losing its original color.

#12. Chasing Endangered Antelopes – For Pictures!

Riding two SUVs, seven tourists chased Tibetan antelopes – which are considered endangered – so they can get close enough to take photos. To make matters worse, they broke into the Selincuo National Nature Reserve to do all that.

Fortunately, a witness filmed the incident and authorities successfully found the culprits after the footage went viral. Each of the tourists had to pay 15,000 yuan as a penalty for what they’ve done.

#13. Azalea Tree Branches Used For Barbecue

Tourists just love the beautiful azalea trees in China’s Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. However, some aren’t content with simply adoring as others broke branches and used them for cooking barbecue. There were also those who plucked flowers and pulled the trees’ roots.

#14. Messiest Beach Ever?

United Kingdom’s Margate Beach turned out to be an extremely messy place fter tourists left bottles and plates everywhere after an event attended by about 500 people. Bob Bayford, leader of the Thanet District Council, described the scene as “shocking and heartbreaking to see.”

#15. Send Nudes!

In South Iceland, tourists wrote the words “send nudes” in moss-covered hills. To make matters worse, other word and names can be seen in the hills, as carved by previous visitors. This, of course, is a bad thing since moss requires years to grow again.

#16. Pink Grass Destruction

These rare pink grass flowers on Hangzhou, China took years to cultivate but was quickly destroyed by tourists who wanted to take selfies. Unruly visitors paid no attention to the barriers as they trampled on the grasses and sat on them just to take their pictures.

#17. People Allegedly Destroying Stone Pillars At Hampi

It’s a UNESCO world heritage site but these four men just don’t k ow how to respect it. Hampi, India’s Vishnu temple pillars were destroyed by four men who got too excited upon seeing the place. The act was captured on film and police officers in Karnataka immediately got to arrest the culprits in less than a week.

#18. The Buried Diaper in Boracay Beach

Meanwhile in the Philippines, Boracay’s famous beach had to be closed for a clean-up operation after a Chinese woman was seen burying a used diaper in the sand. Her companion, meanwhile, washed the child’s butt in the shore. The video eventually went viral and made headlines.

#19. Another Statue Destroyed

In Cremona, Italy, the marble crown of the “Two Hercules” statue was left destroyed after two tourists climbed it to take a selfie.

#20. Harry Potter Fan Vandalizes Ancient Tomb

In Vigo, Galicia, a still-unnamed vandal drew the logo of ‘Deathly Hallows’ on the La Casa dos Mouros dolmen.

#21. Even Corals Were Defaced By Divers

These photos also went viral on social media after OK Divers posted them. According to the diving center, one of the culprits have since apologized and they hope this would serve as a warning for everyone not to do it.

#22. Dinosaurs Walked Here, Tourists Destroyed It

In Zhangye, China tourists destroyed a land formation that dates back to 200,000 to 400,000 years ago. The group broke into the place and, in a video they took, even bragged that they didn’t pay for tickets and destroyed the place.

#23. Vandalized Bamboo Forest

Even bamboo trees aren’t safe from vandals as evidenced by this incident in Kyoto, Japan. About a hundred trees were vandalized and according to the staff, most of the trees affected had to be cut because of what happened.

#24. 15 Monuments Vandalized in Mexico

Two Indonesian tourists vandalized 15 ancient sculptures in Mexico’s La Venta Museum and Park. The monuments have been around since 1000 BC.

#25. Mosque Vandalism

In Morocco, tourists vandalized a local mosque which has led Arbaa Ait Ahmed locals to an outrage. Authorities have since launched an investigation to find out the culprits behind the “savage” act.

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