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Mexico’s Cancún Holiday Hotspot Offers Free Hotels And Meals to Tourists

The campaign hopes to attract more tourists to the city.

  • The Mexican government will lift restrictions on June 8
  • Private businesses in Cancun are offering freebies to attract tourists
  • The campaign aims to restart the country’s tourism industry

Known for its white-sand beaches and bright blue waters, Mexico’s Cancún will offer free accommodations, meals, and theme park entrance to tourists. This follows after authorities confirmed it will lift the restrictions on the city on June 8.

The Mexican government aims to jumpstart the country’s tourism when it lifts the lockdown on June 8. The initiative itself will start on June 15.

Two for two

The new scheme revolves around the number two. The hotels that will participate in the program will offer two free nights to anyone who will book a room for two nights. Or, the visitors can opt for a free accommodation for two children for every two adult customers.

Over 200 businesses are taking part in the private-led strategy to lure tourists back to the city. The scheme also hopes to offer two-for-two deals for golf, meals, car rentals, and theme park entrance fees. For the car deals, visitors can get two free days for every two days they will hire the car.

According to reports, the Caribbean islands of Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, and Tulum are also planning to offer the same scheme.

Take the deal

Oliver Reinhart, CEO of Mexican firm Atelier de Hoteles, told vacationers to take advantage of the cheaper price “because it’s not going to last forever.”

“The campaign is not about cheating the destination to a two for one. Cancún is worth what it is,” he added.

The strategy is aiming to “reactivate” the city as the preferred holiday destination for tourists, said Roberto Cintron, president of the Cancún, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotels Association.

So far, the campaign has been receiving a lot of positive response. Cintron further pointed out that they are committed to make it a success with the “great participation” of different state hotel associations.


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