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Awesome Grandpa Buys Gigantic Teddy Bear For His Granddaughter

He’s probably the coolest grandpa ever!


The love of grandparents for their grandchildren know no bounds. In fact, most of them would probably plead guilty to spoiling their grandkids.

This has once again been proven by a grandfather from San Jose who gained a lot of online love lately after getting his granddaughter a massive-sized teddy bear. He’s now being considered by many netizens as the “coolest grandpa ever.”

This grandfather posted a photo online in front of big teddy bears.


Source: Twitter

This granddad, who works at Costco, recently posted a photo of himself in front of big teddy bears.

Sabrina Gonzales, mother of 5-month-old Maddie, saw the pic and commented that her daughter “needs one of these.”


Source: Twitter

Sabrina Gonzales, mother of 5-month-old Maddie, jokingly commented on the image saying her baby “needs one of these.” Much to her surprise however, the cool grandpa took it seriously.

Sabrina later received a text message from Maddie’s grandpa saying “LoL I got one.”


Source: Twitter

Sabrina shared with BuzzFeed:

“Next thing I know, I receive a text from him saying he bought her one.”

Sabrina then posted the photo on Twitter and captioned it “Grandpa bought her a teddy bear.”


Source: Twitter

The delighted mother then posted a photo on Twitter showing Maddie and the huge teddy bear that grandpa just got her. Unsurprisingly, the cute image quickly went viral as it attracted thousands of likes and retweets.

And yep, baby Maddie looked like she was really comfy with her new bear.


Source: Twitter

Thumbs up to this awesome grandfather and all the cool grandparents out there. You really make the world a fun-filled place for your grandchildren.


Restaurant Bans These Two Guys For Complaining Too Much About Their Food

Apparently, the customers aren’t always right! LOL

While businesses generally believe that customers, as the famous cliché goes, are “always right,” there comes a time when they also get sick of complaints they get.

Take it from these two guys who have been banned from their favorite restaurant since one of them kept complaining about the food being served in the place.

Although The Interceptor said Chris Stanley, 51, and Jason Ponder, 35, are still welcome to buy drinks, the West Bromwich, West Midlands business has banned the two for ordering food because of Chris’ constant complaining.

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Scary Video Shows Blindfolded Guy Smashing Coconuts Around A Person For Guinness Attempt

I held my breath for one solid minute while watching this!

I really can’t decide what’s more terrifying – the fact that someone attempted to smash coconuts with a hammer or that someone actually agreed to lie around those coconuts.

If you’re having a hard time believing that, well the video below will show you exactly that.

This one was recorded for the Guinness World Records Italian Show which, according to the official Guinness website, is a “weekly video series which features the most astonishing, shocking and awe-inspiring record attempts from the seventh series of Italy’s Lo Show dei Record.”

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Teacher Installs Cycling Machines Under Desks To Help Math Students Focus

And the strategy has been yielding terrific results!

Young kids definitely have a short attention span. They’re always restless for the most part.

If you’re a teacher, you really have to work hard to make sure that they will listen to your lessons and do their activities. Now just imagine if you’re teaching mathematics which, quite admittedly, is not the most interesting subject for most kids.

Well math teacher Bethany Lambeth found a creative solution to help her students behave and focus.

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