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5 Places That Spark Creativity and Inspiration for Writers




  • Creativity has always been tied up with inspiration, especially for writers.
  • One percent of writers’ inspiration can get the words flowing.
  • The good news is, writers can actually seek inspiration in virtually everything, including beautiful places.
  • From the fairy tale like castles to charming cobbled streets, clean beaches, and rocky terrain, writers who need inspiration can always find it all around the world.

Serious writers need not be inspired to write. Sure, writers can roll up their sleeves and get down to business even without the amateurish notion of Jovian “inspiration” because, writing, like innovation, is “one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

The only difference is that for writers, one percent inspiration makes a world of difference. Like Edison’s primal one percent jolt from the Gods, the inspiration for writers is like a supernatural presence that lets the words flow.


Unlike Edison’s jolt, writers can actively seek the inspiration they need. From the books they read to the music they listen to, writers can feel inspired in almost everything around them. For some, this can be in the form of meditation or scenic views.

Inspiring Places for Writers

For those who need inspiration from the natural world or beautiful and peaceful places, here are some ideal options to check out.


The homes of ancient civilizations are always full of great stories. If you are a writer on the hunt for a great place of historical conflict, then look no further than the last divided city in the world – Nicosia, Cyprus in the Middle East. 

Cyprus not only hosts a civilization influenced by differing Eastern Mediterranean’s. It is also the home of Paphos – an entire district considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and Khirokitia – one of the most important and best-preserved prehistoric sites of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

With the endless view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus also offers the cleanest beaches to soothe the mind and calm the nerves. If this doesn’t work, then you can check out Cyprus’ famed halloumi cheese or walk through the old towns. If this doesn’t take you on a whirlwind journey to finding your creative self, then nothing will. 

Clovelly, Devon, England

For writers in a slump, traveling back in time may be a pleasant experience. Or, you can settle for a time warp of sorts as an alternative. 

Devon’s prettiest village, Clovelly, offers an 1800-ish view: cobbled streets, whitewashed cottages, and a picturesque harbor. It has the steep cobbled main street with the tiny side lanes and alleyways of old, you can almost see donkeys and sleds.

Since motor vehicles are not allowed in Clovelly, you can have all the peace you want as you walk around and forge a connection with nature – while searching for the elusive words, that is.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

According to reports, inspiration also lurks in one of the 10 best and most peaceful countries in Europe, Slovenia. With the adventures awaiting you in Ljubljana, the country’s capital city, you may churn words that tell stories about the mysteries that crossed the face of the earth. 

Ljubljana is a true delight. In the city lies a fairy tale castle, a true medieval masterpiece complete with a statue of a dragon in every corner to complete the look. This mythical place promises lively outdoor experiences with its hosts of colorful buildings, rivers, and bridges that lead to marketplaces you would not want to miss out on.

Sedona, Arizona, USA

With the all-natural rock waterslide, the surrounding red rock walls, and the rich Native American culture, Sedona is a true creative haven! The scenic vibe and the host’s vortexes with predominant feminine energy will leave you feeling compassionate and serene – the ideal mood to start writing.

Cross-Country US Road Trip, USA

Writers draw inspiration from just about everything. So, for the type who can’t stay still, the option to indulge their wanderlust with a road trip across the US is also available.

The scenic views, the differing weather conditions, the ever-changing terrain, who can resist the beauty and inspiration borne out of a cross-country road trip?


Some writers may not need inspiration to function well at work, but everyone can surely use a change of scenery now and then. If you are one of those people who crave for such a change, then this list is a good start for you.

If you have anything to add to this short list, feel free to share it with us.

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