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These Two Play The Piano, But When They Start Stripping, I Can’t Stop Laughing!





Playing musical instruments has never been my thing. I tried to learn how to play the guitar, but I guess no matter how hard I try, my slow fingers and my tone deaf ears just won’t let me. That’s why I find people who can play any musical instrument amazing.

But you see, some people are not satisfied with playing musical instruments alone. Some choose to do the extraordinary, like performing tricks while playing the piano. Take Dominik Wagner and Benedikt Zeitner as examples. Both men are talented musicians, but they sure took playing the piano to an entirely different level. They integrate something special to their performances, like comedy and magic. The duo is known as “Ass-Dur”, and they consider themselves as the best musical comedy duo in all of Germany, simply because there is only one.

The video that you are about to see is a performance by Ass-Dur in 2009. They gave this performance a creative and comedic twist by stripping and changing their clothes without missing a key! How cool is that?

Watch the duo’s impressive performance:

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H/T: Ass-Dur via Little Things

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