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These Two Play The Piano, But When They Start Stripping, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

This is truly a performance like no other! EPIC!


Playing musical instruments has never been my thing. I tried to learn how to play the guitar, but I guess no matter how hard I try, my slow fingers and my tone deaf ears just won’t let me. That’s why I find people who can play any musical instrument amazing.

But you see, some people are not satisfied with playing musical instruments alone. Some choose to do the extraordinary, like performing tricks while playing the piano. Take Dominik Wagner and Benedikt Zeitner as examples. Both men are talented musicians, but they sure took playing the piano to an entirely different level. They integrate something special to their performances, like comedy and magic. The duo is known as “Ass-Dur”, and they consider themselves as the best musical comedy duo in all of Germany, simply because there is only one.

The video that you are about to see is a performance by Ass-Dur in 2009. They gave this performance a creative and comedic twist by stripping and changing their clothes without missing a key! How cool is that?

Watch the duo’s impressive performance:

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H/T: Ass-Dur via Little Things


This Flawless Performance of a Rhythmic Gymnast Left Me Totally Speechless. Wow!

Totally awesome performance!


To say that Daria Vladimirovna Kondakova is talented is an understatement. The Russian rhythmic gymnast got too many medals around her neck including a gold medal for rope in the 2010 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, three silver medals for all-around in the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in 2009, 2010, and 2011, and one silver medal for all-around in the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in 2010.

In the sport rhythmic gymnastics, the gymnast or group of gymnasts manipulates one or two pieces of apparatus including balls, clubs, hoops, rope or ribbon. The sport combines techniques used in gymnastics, ballet and dance.

Kondakova’s stunning performance during the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Montpellier in 2011 showed her flexibility, precision, and control in handling a ball. Years of hard work and training enabled Kondakova to execute such flawless routine.

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A Soldier Dog was Killed in Combat. Watch What the Baggage Handlers Do with His Casket.

I could hardly see it through the tears.

I have always admired the bond that forms between a man and his K9 partner; a bond established with great trust and loyalty beyond the imaginable. Many of you know that both man and dog dedicate their lives to serve and protect many people. Just imagine the dangers they face everyday.

Unfortunately, whether in the police or military service, hundreds or maybe thousands of K9 officers are killed in action. Some of these unsung heroes die protecting their human partners. In the United States, although the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) keeps track of the fallen human officers, the number of K9s that have died while on duty have not been exactly specified.

Recently, the remains of an unnamed fallen soldier and his improvised explosive device (IED)- trained K9 partner arrived on the tarmac of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. How the airline staff volunteers transferred and handled their caskets from the plane really made me cry!

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You Will Never Guess What This Kid Can Do With a Pad Paper. #10 Blew My Mind!

These looks so amazing!

How can you make a blue-lined composition notebook paper look amazing? Most of us would have a hard time thinking of something creative to do with such simple tool. But not João Carvalho.

Carvalho is a 15 year old teen who does unbelievable 3D art through composition notebook papers. He does this under the nom de plume J Desenhos. He stuns the public by doing flawless perspective sketches and creative shading. It is not easy to do what he does, and we think it is naturally given for this kid to create such amazing works of art.

Take a look at his wonderful creations below. You can also check out his Facebook page for more updates.

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