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Two Elderly Guys, Aged 88 and 101, Release Their Very First Album




  • Alan R. Tripp and Marvin Weisbord bonded over their love of music
  • For two years they have been writing songs together
  • Now, they’ve found their way to stardom with their album, the “Senior Song Book.”

They say it’s never too late to learn something new and that age shouldn’t hold you back from doing something you’ve always loved to do- even if you’ve reached your 80’s, or even 100s! That’s what Alan R. Tripp, 102, and Marvin Weisbord, 88, showed the world when they recently released a music album containing 8 songs and 2 remixes.

For the past two years, the Pennsylvania retirement community residents have been writing songs together. Their collaboration is reminiscent of the 1940s sound but with a modern twist to the lyrics. The duo writes about love and their life stories in general.

Alan and Marvin’s collection of throwback tunes is called the “Senior Song Book.”

The idea of releasing a music album started when Alan wrote about their lives as seniors and losing people along the way. Marvin was inspired by the words that he decided to throw in some music. He then gave the song to Alan as a surprise gift on his 100th birthday.

While Marvin is a newbie to songwriting, he already had experience with music as he is a great jazz pianist performing with a band called the Wynlyn Jazz Ensemble. The band plays on the album together with singers from the retirement community that Marvin recruited.

Alan, on the other hand, grew up singing and playing piano and had always wanted to be a songwriter. In his free time, he writes poetry. He told People:

“I spent my entire lifetime wanting to become a songwriter, and at 102, I thought, ‘Why not finally do it?’”

“Senior Song Book” was written and produced using Alan and Marvin’s own money.

Alan and Marvin spent all September working in a professional studio located near the retirement community. Alan is the producer and lyricist while Marvin set the music and played the piano.

The duo may not have cared for profit much but they have already sold out the CD version of the album. Just in case anyone’s interested, “Senior Song Book’s” downloadable version is sold for $9.99. Want a physical copy? Just have your name added to the waitlist.

Their new album, released on Nov. 15, launched them to fame, with people from all over the world sending them fan mails plus even professional musicians are letting them know they wanted a copy of the album.

And yes, before we forget, you can actually stream their songs on Spotify.

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