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Arya and Gendry “Happened” in Game of Thrones and Twitter Just Exploded





Okay, THAT happened. Game of Thrones is a show filled with intimate scenes that have shocked and thrilled many, but this one right here between Arya Stark and Gendry made fans all over the world gasp in both delight and shock.

After reuniting for the first time in years, they finally consummated their long-standing attraction.

Avid Game of Thrones fans are well aware of the chemistry between the feisty Arya and the strapping young blacksmith. The two met on the first season of the show but their paths separated. They reunited this current season and the second episode yielded something that fans probably never expected – the two actually sleeping together.

Here’s how it went down. Gendry delivered the dragonglass weapon that Arya requested him to make.

Arya, who had quite a bit of a drink and was well aware that this might be her last night on Earth, began to come strong on Gendry.

She asked him about the deal between her and Melissandre (the Red Woman leeched his blood, which is valuable with him being a secret bastard of the former king Robert Baratheon).

She also asked him how many women he’s been with. After reluctantly revealing that he’s been with three women, Arya told him pointblank that she didn’t want to die without knowing what it feels to have intercourse.

So one thing led to another and… let’s say things got really hot and heavy from there.

Now sex and nudity is definitely not new in Game of Thrones, but the shock came from the fact that viewers of the show have watched Arya grow up from a little girl to the self-assured assassin that she became.

After the episode, internet searches for “Arya Stark’s age” and “Maisie Williams age” skyrocketed.

Now rest assured that HBO didn’t exploit the young star. Maisie Williams is definitely past 18 years old and she was not coerced into doing that scene.

As expected, people took to Twitter to express how they feel. Reactions were totally gold.

Whew. But who can blame Arya, really? If you knew you were to die tomorrow, you might as well spend your last remaining hours on Earth just the way you want to.

Now on to Episode 3. The fate of Winterfell and every person on Earth will be decided.

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