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Artist Repaints Dolls To Make Them Look More Realistic





In the world of unrealistic beauty standards, looking flawed and real is like a breath of fresh air. And while makeup and clothes can often become a form of art and self-expression, sometimes it’s really relaxing to see people looking like their natural selves.

Olga Kamenetskaya is a Ukrainian artist that modifies dolls to make them look realistic. Repainting dolls was just a hobby at first but it eventually turns it into a profession. Olga removes all of the makeup from the doll’s face and adds new, realistic features. It’s safe to say that the result is often better than the original, with dolls looking far more realistic than they used to. Here are 22 of her stunning work.























Olga usually uses Monster High girls or Barbie dolls for her projects. She wants her creations to be more realistic than the original version, so she makes sure that they each have little “flaws” by repainting them. She also changes their clothes and hair.

She took beauty courses to improve her skills and now she’s also a pro makeup artist. But Olga prefers to keep things natural.

Olga said in an interview:

“I don’t like when the new face of the doll is ideal and perfectly symmetrical, it makes it lifeless. I always deliberately leave some flaw that may not be noticeable to everyone, but [gives] the doll invisible charisma. Perhaps, this flawed beauty is the message that my dolls carry.”

She credits her husband for helping her to become a master doll-maker. She said that she didn’t believe in herself as much he did. And because of that, she pursued her skills and now she’s going viral each and every time she shared a new doll.

What makes Olga’s dolls even more beautiful is the fact that they are not perfect, just like all of us.

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