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This Image Isn’t Photoshopped; You’ll Be Surprised What The Artist Did to the Model’s Skin





Almost everything we see on magazine covers, advertisements, and in different types of media have been altered digitally. Photoshop has not only changed the way we look, but also the way people perceive the human body, particularly our skin. Everything becomes perfect, flawless, and unreal with the magic of photoshop.

Dutch artist Juuke Schoorl took on the challenge of presenting the “flexibility and the malleability” of the human skin in a series of photographs dubbed as REK.

Wondering what REK stands for? It literally means “stretch” in Dutch. Something Schoorl tried to achieve in the skin of her subjects in her series. Using items like nylon string and tape, the artist physically manipulated the skin of her subjects, reshaping the human skin into something the world has not seen before.

Photo credit: Juuke Schoorl

Without digital altering her subjects, Schoorl proved what the human skin is capable of.

Photo credit: Juuke Schoorl

Initially, an observer may perceive the manipulation as deformities or injuries. However, a closer look at the photos would reveal the skin’s beautiful textures.

Photo credit: Juuke Schoorl

“As an artist the challenge for me is to translate the normal things around us into something visually new and exciting. By enhancing or enlarging things that I find interesting, but others sometimes hardly notice, I hope to challenge others peoples perspectives on the world,” Schoorl told SF Globe.

Be amazed by Schoorl’s REK Photo Series.

Photo credit: Juuke Schoorl


Photo credit: Juuke Schoorl

Source: SF Globe 

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