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Artist from 100 Years Ago Depicts A Very Interesting Vision of the Year 2000





Remember the famous movie franchise ‘Back to the Future’? It was released during the ’80s and tried to depict how the future society would look like. For a movie trying to look far into the future, it sure got some things right.

But here’s another interesting fact: Back in the 1899-1910s, French artist Jean-Marc Cote was asked to illustrate life in the year 2000. His artworks reflected how he imagined life about a hundred years ahead of his own time. The illustrations were found in the form of postcards and paper cards enclosed in cigarette boxes.

Scroll down and see his awesome illustrations below.

1. This one looks like the predecessor of present-day airports.

2. “Divers on Horseback”

3. House on wheel = trailer home?

4. If there are airplanes then there should also be “aviation police”

5. No worries, just underwater croquet and chill

6. A One-man orchestra

7. A woman is seen here applying makeup using her “automated” make-up contraption

8. A daring sea rescue, through the efforts of an airplane.

9. Aerial firemen to the rescue

10. Postman *knocks on second-storey window*: excuse me sir, you’ve got mail!

11. It seems the artist has a weird fascination with underwater activities…


12. Modern-day warfare, you say?

13. A Torpedo Plane

14. Does this scene look familiar?

15. Whale Bus – the new express transit!

16. Hunting by air

17. An explorer off to discover new exotic lands


18. Aerial reconnaissance using a rudimentary helicopter

19. Forget running on foot, smugglers are going to be airborne by year 2000!

20. A full suit in a jiffy

21. Electric scrubbing

22. Someone better not nudge that razor LOL

23. “Insert eggs here”

24. With just a push of a button, you can have a full meal!

25. Drive-thru for planes

26. Farming Just Got Easy as 1,2,3

27. …but who would want to rob the nest of a bird as huge as that one?!


28. An aerial battle

29. Because fishing for seagulls from under the water is easier, right? LOL

Although some of Jean Marc’s predictions were way off, his artworks and imagination were still awesome! We should do this for the next generation too!

Source: Can You Actually

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