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Meet the Man Who Celebrates Christmas Every Single Day of the Year





There’s really something special about the yuletide season and sometimes we couldn’t help but wish it was Christmas everyday. Well one man made that a reality – at least for himself!

Andy Park, an electrician from Wiltshire, England is probably the world’s biggest Christmas fan. In fact, he’s been celebrating it every single day for almost a quarter of a century now. In fact, he has rightfully earned the nickname Mr Christmas.

In a Unilad interview, Andy revealed:

“What is it I like so much about Christmas? Well, it’s everything! The decorations are up, the lights are up, the lights are lit, the crackers are out, the smell of Christmas dinner…

“I love to watch the Queen’s speech every day on DVD. I love the Christmas cards I send to myself every day. There’s nothing about Christmas I dislike, I like the lot.”

So far, his daily celebrations has always been bringing him positive vibes.

“I get up in the morning happy, I got to bed happy. I’ve had a present and I’ve had a Christmas dinner. I’ve met a few neighbours and pulled crackers, had a sherry and mince pie with them all – it’s fantastic.”

How did his Christmas obsession begin in the first place, you ask? According to Andy, it all started when he was a kid when his parents bought him a wooden toy plane for Christmas despite their financial struggles.

It was during a summer day in 1993, however, when he decided he’d celebrate the annual holiday more frequent than usual.

He reflected:

“I was out delivering a washing machine – because that’s my job – I work on white goods and that sort of stuff – and it was such a hot day in July and I thought there’s something better I can do than delivering white goods surely and I thought, ‘I’ve got it!’

“I went home, got the Christmas decorations out of the loft, got the tree up, got the Christmas dinner cooking. I found a VHS copy of the Queens Speech, put it on and it really worked!

“It felt like Christmas day in the middle of summer and I did it the next day and the next day and 24 years on, I’m still doing it and it’s really great fun.”

At some point, he even tried spreading the holiday joy with everyone in the town of Melksham – by keeping the Christmas tree lighted the whole year – but some objected to the idea.

Andy shared:

“One time, I did get on to the council. I even offered to pay them to keep the [town’s Christmas] tree up all year round and also the decorations.

“I was going to pay for every bulb but they wouldn’t hear it. They said, ‘that’s crazy, keeping a Christmas tree up all year round? It’s a real one for a start, it will lose all its pines!'”

Today, he releases a record each year aptly entitled It’s Christmas Everyday Remix.

His other goal, aside from celebrating Christmas each day, is ultimately to join English pop group Take That.

“I’ve been on to Gary Barlow about this and it was taken as a joke,” he said. “I’ve learned all his songs, I’ve learned all his music, all his records and I just hope that one day I get a phone call saying, ‘yes you can join Take That.'”

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