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America’s 22 Best (Yet Secret) Swimming Holes





It’s time to explore more and discover America’s amazing but still secret cool spots. It can be found in various state parks and forests across the country.

These hidden spots offer nature’s best – quiet and solitude, refreshing water, and amazing sights. Here are 22 swimming holes that will encourage you to take a trip.

#1. Barton Springs Pool in Austin, Texas

Source: RoadTrippers

This 3-acre swimming pool receives water from three natural, underground springs that are built into dams. Before it became a property of Austin City, the land was bought by Uncle Billy Barton who named the pools after his daughters Parthenia, Zenobia, and Eliza.

#2. Jacob’s Well Natural Area in Texas

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Swimming in an underwater cave is definitely an exciting adventure. A trip in Texas’ Hill Country will take you to the state’s longest underwater cave.

#3. Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, Texas

Source: RoadTrippers

This historic swimming hole was once an underground river and grotto. Due to an erosion, the dome collapsed and created the natural canyon-like pool.

#4. Krause Spring in Texas

Source: RoadTrippers

Simply magical! It has one man-made pool and 32 natural springs amidst the lush cliffs, the shady trees, and beautiful waterfalls.

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#5. Inks Lake State Park in Burnet, Texas

Source: RoadTrippers

This stunning pink granite swimming hole is perfect for water activities such as kayaking, cliff jumping, canoeing, scuba diving, boating, and fishing. It is surrounded by cliffs and natural rocks.

#6. Blue Hole of Santa Rosa in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Source: RoadTrippers

Santa Rosa is recognized as “The City of Natural Lakes” because of its numerous waterholes. One lake stands out from the rest- the Blue Hole. Its temperature remains at 64 °F all-year round. Its depth is about 80 feet, making it the perfect place for divers.

#7. Swimming Hole at Battle Axe Creek in Detroit, Oregon

Source: RoadTrippers

Nestled in the Willamette National Forest and below the Battle Axe Creek Bridge is another spectacular waterhole. Slide down the massive rock for a more thrilling experience.

#8. Queen’s Bath in Princeville, Hawaii

Source: RoadTrippers

This was once an exclusive secret hideaway place of the royal family during summer time, hence the name. Now, it is open to the public and offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Swim like royalty in this sinkhole with surrounding igneous rocks.

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#9. Ohe’o Gulch Falls in Hana, Hawaii

The Hawaiian term for something special is “‘O’he’o”, a name that fits this astounding swimming hole with seven sacred pools along the falls.

#10. South Yuba River State Park in Penn Valley, California

Source: RoadTrippers

One of the coolest sinkhole with secluded nooks, coves, and crannies is found in the South Yuba River State Park. To reach it, a short hike across the stream with rocks and boulders is necessary. Wear sturdy footwear.

#11. Paradise Forks in Arizona

Source: RoadTrippers

Paradise Forks is a paradise hidden in the midst of a pine forest and surrounded by basalt cliffs. It earned its name because of the Y-shaped conglomeration of two waterfalls and pools that merged in the “Prow” area.

#12. Slide Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona

Source: RoadTrippers

This former apple orchard, which is transformed into a state park offers an exciting waterslide ride down the creek. The place was featured in the movies Broken Arrow, Gun Fury, Drum Beat, and a lot more.

#13. The Homestead Crater in Midway, Utah

Source: RoadTrippers

This enormous hot spring inside a cave is a heavenly retreat for weary limbs and spirits. The water temperature in the pool is 90 degrees. Its depth is 65 feet. The dome, measuring 55 feet tall, has a hole on top that lets in sunlight and fresh air.

#14. Boiling River in Montana

Source: RoadTrippers

Situated in a secluded spot of the Yellowstone National Park, the Boiling River gives an ultimate swimming experience. The water from a hot spring mixes perfectly with the cool water of the Gardiner River, providing an ideal bathing temperature.

#15. Falling Water Falls in Hector, Arkansas

Source: RoadTrippers

This awesome waterfall will never fail to amaze you. The pristine water of the water formation spills down a swimming hole.

#16. Cyprus Lake Grotto in Ontario, Canada

Source: RoadTrippers

The crystal clear turquoise water of this popular cave is a perfect escape during summer time or any time of the year. The streaming sunlight from above reveals the incredible underwater tunnel inside.

#17. Warren Falls in Vermont

Source: RoadTrippers

Warren Falls is one of the gorgeous spots in the Mad River. You can jump off the gigantic boulders or simply relax beneath the refreshing waterfall spray.

#18. Cummins Falls State Park in Cookeville, Tennessee

Source: RoadTrippers

Hailed as the state’s eighth largest waterfall, the gigantic 75-foot Cummins Falls is a sight that you will never forget. It is also considered one of the best swimming holes in America.

#19. Fall Creek Falls in Pikeville, Tennessee

Source: RoadTrippers

This plunge pool is for the bravest swimmers and divers.

It offers the tallest free fall waterfall and the coolest dip below its massive height of 256 feet.

#20. Madison Blue Springs State Park in Lee, Florida

Source: RoadTrippers

Established in 2000, this hidden swimming hole can be found along the Withlacoochee River banks inside the forest. Crystal-clear, fresh spring water fills the limestone basin.

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#21. Juniper Springs in Silver Springs, Florida

Source: RoadTrippers

A serene, relaxing spot ideal for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. The refreshing mineral water is supplied by Fern Hammock Springs.

#22. Sliding Rock in North Carolina

Sliding Rock is a waterfall that offers smooth water slide into the chilly plunge pool. The gentle slope measures 60 feet long and ends down the deep bottom.

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Hit the road and don’t forget to take a picture to preserve your ultimate swimming experience!

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