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Amazing Before and After Photos of Rescued Cats

Mini Malabanan





When someone adopts a cat, they don’t just gain a furry friend. They also get to transform its life. The process also changes their lives.

Most of the cats in this gallery were abandoned, injured in an accident, or just homeless. Fortunately, kind-hearted people picked them up from the streets or a shelter, fed and nurtured them, and gave them a warm home. It didn’t take long enough for these poor-looking cats to recover and turn into beautiful and happy furry creatures.

Before buying a pet, you might want to consider adoption. Though adoptions has advantages and disadvantages, giving these poor animals another chance in life is just simply worth it.

Check out the moving before and after photos of rescued cats.

A cat named Justine miraculously recovered after a fire accident.


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This kitty was the only survivor in a box of kittens a shelter found 6 months earlier. Kitty is now healthier than ever.


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This cat sustained severe wounds after getting electrocuted. Look how beautiful she is a few months later.


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Mr. Biscuits went inside a car engine and got burned. Now, he’s looking gorgeous!


Photo credit: Facebook
This is how a once lifeless-looking kitty looks like a month after she was rescued.


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Kodama, a cat found under the bush with a maggot-infested wound, was adopted from Look how happy he is now.


Photo credit: Reddit
After being abandoned at a gutter at two-weeks old, Louie obviously rules the house!


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That’s an amazing transformation!


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Utopia was discovered drenched in the cold rain. The once-stray kitten has finally found a warm home.


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Stuart Little’s before and after rescue photos.


Photo credit: Reddit
Scout, a stray kitty, looking cuddly a year after her rescue.


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Before turning into a cute fluff ball, Tyrion was a miserable-looking cat with an eye infection.


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Spyder was hiding in the drain when a nice guy discovered her and took her in his home. She’s now a part of a happy furry family.


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