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Amazing German Machine Trades in Plastic Bottles for Money or Groceries

This system significantly reduces the waste we produce and sure is more fun than simply throwing your bottles in the waste bin!


Plastic products are a staple in our daily lives. We use it for PET bottles for beverages, containers for food, bags for groceries, and countless many other common household items. However, our increasing use of plastic bottles also endangers our environment and our ecosystem.

In recent years, communities and countries have been shifting towards using “green” products instead of plastics in order to reduce the waste we generate. Recycling has also become common practice, with many companies and countries taking the initiative in providing innovative and creative ways of encouraging recycling among its consumers. One such example of this is the bottle recycling machine in Germany, where PET bottles can be deposited in the machine in exchange for money.

In Germany, when a person buys a canned or a bottled beverage, they are charged with a few extra cents to encourage consumers to return the bottle. Once empty, the bottles can be deposited in the bottle recycling machines, where different types of bottles have different corresponding amounts. The machine prints out a receipt with the details of how much the recycled bottles amounted to, which the consumer can then exchange for cash or groceries at the counter. Pretty neat, huh?

Watch this video showing a customer depositing PET bottles in a bottle recycling machine:

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This system significantly reduces the waste we produce and sure is more fun than simply throwing your bottles in the waste bin!

Source: Jardin Perfeito


Is Bathing Your Feverish Child Helpful or Harmful?

Fever is the body’s way of letting you know it’s fighting off an infection.

For years, people are accustomed to the idea that if someone is feverish, he or she should turn to fever-reducing medications, followed by a tepid sponge bath just so the body’s temperature will be reduced. The common notion is to treat the fever, but according to many medical experts, there is no need to do so because fever in itself is not an illness.

In fact, fever is part of the body’s defense mechanism; it’s a way of telling you that the body is doing something to fight off an infection. For most adults, having a fever can be uncomfortable but most of the time, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern, except when body temperatures exceed 39.4 C.

On the other hand, little children with high temperatures indicate that there may be an underlying infection.

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Drowning Simulator Gives You A Glimpse Of What It’s Like Being Thrown In The Ocean

This is what it’s like to live your final moments at sea.

Death is something most of us dread and the worst thing is that when you know it is your time – when you stare death in the face. You wouldn’t know how horrifying the experience may be because if you’re dead, obviously you won’t live to tell what it’s like.

There are different ways on how someone can experience the last moments of their lives, and one of the most terrifying is drowning – because in that moment, you know so well you’re screwed.

But have you really thought about what it’s like to drown? Apparently, it’s not something anyone wants to think about, but somehow, you can just imagine the horror a person has to go through knowing there’s no way out.

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Watch How 6 Tiny Robots Move A 2-Ton Car

Amazingly, the robots collectively weigh less than an apple.

We’ve come really far in robotics technology. Just in case you still doubt that, all you have to do is to watch the video below.

This short footage shows six small but extra-strong robots pulling a car that weighs about 1,800 kilograms. Even more amazing, the little bots collectively weigh less than an apple at 100 grams.

The secret? Well, the robots are actually sporting gecko-inspired adhesive feet.

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