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Clear Footage of Strange Butterfly-Shaped UFO Chased by Military Aircraft





A stunning footage of a bizarre butterfly-shaped alien ship was captured by a father and his son near the border of Ohio and Kentucky on Saturday, October 24, at around 7 PM local time.

The footage and the images of the supposedly alien aircraft have sent alien enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Secureteam10, a Youtube channel run by UFO Hunters, uploaded the video on Youtube on October 26. Since then, the footage has attracted so much attention. According to some netizens, the said clip is the best shot of a UFO ever posted online.


Photo credit: SecureTeam10

Tom, the man who captured the alien craft on film, and his son Christopher, said that the alien ship moved slowly across the sky in an eerie silence, much like a stealth plane. The craft’s unusual structure, including the visible lights and chambers in its underbelly and the odd sparks of light that appeared near the craft during the flight, led UFO enthusiasts to believe that this footage is a solid evidence of alien activity and existence.

However, skeptics question the authenticity of the clip and argue that the supposed alien craft in the footage and in the photos is a computer-generated image. Tyler Glockner, who runs Secureteam10, denies these allegations and insists that the footage is authentic.

Glockner states, “The reason I am calling this an alien craft rather than just a UFO is in the stunning detail, where we can see the true structural characteristics of this ship.” He added, “And guys, you take a look and tell me with a straight face this has anything to do with humans. The features on this thing don’t make any sense.”

Aside from allegations that the images are computer-generated, some netizens said that the ingenuity of our own aerospace engineers must not be underestimated.

Watch the footage below:

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So, what do you think? Is it an alien craft, a computer-generated image, or the work of man?

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H/T: Inquisitr

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