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Fingerless Pianist Make Unbelievably Beautiful Music

Need an inspiration for today? Check out the story of this amazing guy!


When his adoptive parents, Vladimir and Luisa Levachkovye, noticed his interest for music, they purchased a synthesizer for him. He learned to play the instrument and later participated on various competitions. In fact, he even won some of them.

The catch? Well, this musician is not an ordinary guy since he doesn’t have any fingers – or hands, for that matter.

Meet Alexey Romanov, an 18-year-old piano prodigy from Zelenodolsk, Tatarstan. Despite being born with a debilitating illness, he has not let that stop him from chasing his dreams. So despite taking up music just several years ago, the teen is now an accomplished pianist who has performed on national TV.

Born with a debilitating disease, pianist Alexey Romanov doesn’t have fingers or hands.

alexey romanov

Source: YouTube

Romanov even had the chance to get up onstage and perform with the respected La Primavera chamber orchestra. This appearance opened a new opportunity for him as he was invited to join a prestigious music school. On top of that, the orchestra chief conducted asked the young piano master to join them in Guests from Tomorrow, a popular TV program.

The young musician has performed with the La Primavera chamber orchestra on national TV.

alexey romanov 2

Source: YouTube

Romanov reflected:

“During the [TV] concert I was shaking from the tension. I can’t even remember what was happening.

“I walked on to the stage, sat down and started playing. I felt my knees shaking. Then I realised that I was doing well, it’s as if the melody started flowing by itself.”

Watch Alexey Romanov’s amazing performance here:

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Needless to say, this exposure helped him gain more attention and adoration from the general public.

One Facebook user commented:

“Alexey is a hero, he deserves respect and praise! [I] wish you health and happiness in life.”

While another added:

“We all are constantly complaining about life. One can only admire such people. The guy is fantastic.”

We, of course, couldn’t help but agree. Alexey Romanov is indeed an inspiration not only for those with disabilities but to everyone.


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