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‘Superhero Dad’ Jumps Over 4-Foot Fence To Save Son From Drowning

“The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it.”

  • Albert Passavanti, a father from Palm Beach, Florida, went viral after jumping a 4-foot pool fence to save his son from drowning.
  • The footage has since been covered by many news sources and many are commending the dad for his quick action.
  • Albert hopes that their story would remind other parents about the importance of pool safety.

Pretty much like the Avengers, good parents would definitely do “whatever it takes” to protect their beloved children from harm. Take it from this awesome dad whose video recently went viral after he ‘flew’ over a 4-ft pool barricade to save his son from danger.

The incident happened in Palm Beach, Florida where Albert Passavanti and his family were enjoying some leisurely time. Their joy, however, turned to terror when Rocco, who is only 1 year and a half, went to reach for a big yellow ball in the pool area and suddenly slipped in the water.

Thankfully, Albert was alert and immediately sprang into action without any hesitation.

credit: Facebook

The footage shows us the father leaping into a heroic rescue so he can get to his son right away. The clip eventually attracted a lot of attention on social media and shortly thereafter, the story also got picked up by several news sources. Many viewers have since been hailing Albert as father of the year.

You can watch the ABC7 video report here:

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This dad is indeed a real-life superhero!

“The second you see it, you get Superman strength and just have to go for it,” Albert said in an interview with WPTV. “Whatever you got to do.”

Fortunately, both Albert and Rocco sustained no injuries from the incident.

Still, the dad hopes that other parents will learn from his experience and take pool safety seriously so they can safeguard their loved ones.


Game of Thrones Cast Sends Off 88-Year Old Hospice Patient By Granting Her Last Wish

Sometimes wishes do come true, one way or another…


  • In her deathbed, Claire Walton of HopeHealth in Providence, RI joked about meeting the cast of Game of Thrones, her favorite show.
  • Despite knowing that her request might be a bit too far-fetched, the hospice staff actually took it seriously and did something about it.

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Woman Who Practices ‘Breatharianism’ Says She No Longer Needs To Eat Solid Food

Her longest fast without solid food lasted for 97 days!

  • A Minneapolis woman has adopted an unusual lifestyle that reportedly allows her to draw sustenance from air and sunlight.
  • She says that doing breathing exercises allows her to subsist solely on smoothies and juices.
  • The "breatharian" reveals that she has once gone 97 days without any solid food.

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97-Year-Old US Veteran Reunites With French Woman He Fell In Love With During WWII

“I always loved you. You never got out of my heart.”

  • A World War II veteran attended the 75th anniversary of D-Day in France with an interesting story to tell.
  • He revealed that he fell in love with a French girl in a small village but had never been able to see her again.
  • Luckily, the woman was tracked down and the lovers were finally reunited 75 years after they first met.

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