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Artist Tweaks Iconic Album Covers By Replacing Musicians With Cute Kittens





If you’re a cat loving person who’s also a huge music fan, today is your lucky day. As you can tell from the headline and photo above, one digital artist has taken it upon himself to tweak some of the most iconic album covers in music history – by removing the musicians and replacing them with cats.

It’s an adorable idea that has since attracted a lot of attention and love on social media On top of that, several news sites have also featured the story.
Meet digital artist Alfra Martini (also known as ‘aymvisuals’), creator of The Kitten Covers. As you can tell, he came up with the cool idea of reimagining album covers as if they came from “a world dominated by kittens” – and now the internet can’t get enough of his work.

Check out the cover recreations and be prepared fo some cuteness overload!































Well isn’t that precious? We just can’t help but adore his album picks (the guy obviously has good musical taste – can’t argue with that!) and we love how seamless the kittens were Photoshopped. They’re totally purr-fect, so to speak!

Some of our top favorites are Martin’s feline rendition of the Madonna cover. Just look at that messy fur! We likewise dig how he turned the naughty into wholesome – that one with The Strokes. No pun intended but that was, uhm, a nice touch.

Also after seeing the Bohemian Rhapsody movie recently, it’s probably safe to assume Freddie Mercury will definitely go crazy over that Queen take. Besides, he’s a big cat person himself.

Which ones are your favorites, our dear readers? We’d love to hear about it so please feel free to share with us by leaving your comments below.

In the meanwhile, go follow The Kitten Covers on Twitter and Tumblr for more updates on this fun project.

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