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Artist Tweaks Iconic Album Covers By Replacing Musicians With Cute Kittens

This is purr-fection!

Mark Andrew





If you’re a cat loving person who’s also a huge music fan, today is your lucky day. As you can tell from the headline and photo above, one digital artist has taken it upon himself to tweak some of the most iconic album covers in music history – by removing the musicians and replacing them with cats.

It’s an adorable idea that has since attracted a lot of attention and love on social media On top of that, several news sites have also featured the story.
Meet digital artist Alfra Martini (also known as ‘aymvisuals’), creator of The Kitten Covers. As you can tell, he came up with the cool idea of reimagining album covers as if they came from “a world dominated by kittens” – and now the internet can’t get enough of his work.

Check out the cover recreations and be prepared fo some cuteness overload!































Well isn’t that precious? We just can’t help but adore his album picks (the guy obviously has good musical taste – can’t argue with that!) and we love how seamless the kittens were Photoshopped. They’re totally purr-fect, so to speak!

Some of our top favorites are Martin’s feline rendition of the Madonna cover. Just look at that messy fur! We likewise dig how he turned the naughty into wholesome – that one with The Strokes. No pun intended but that was, uhm, a nice touch.

Also after seeing the Bohemian Rhapsody movie recently, it’s probably safe to assume Freddie Mercury will definitely go crazy over that Queen take. Besides, he’s a big cat person himself.

Which ones are your favorites, our dear readers? We’d love to hear about it so please feel free to share with us by leaving your comments below.

In the meanwhile, go follow The Kitten Covers on Twitter and Tumblr for more updates on this fun project.

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10 Small Details You May Have Missed in the ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer

Case in point, Captain America’s compass is already breaking our hearts.

Mark Andrew



Marvel Studios recently dropped the first trailer for the 4th Avengers movie and man, it totally broke the internet! The title for highly-anticipated superhero movie has officially been revealed as 'Avengers: Endgame' and it immediately became the most viewed trailer in history after getting 289 million views in 24 hours.

Moviegoers are obviously excited to know what will happen as the story progresses after Infinity War. Needless to say, we're one of those fans who have replayed the 2-minute clip over and over to get some clues. We've found 10 interesting details and we thought we'd share it with everyone.

Read on, fellow Marvelites, and tell us what you think about the following points:

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Julia Roberts’ Aging ‘Holes’ Headline Typo is Both Awkward and Hilarious

Don’t you just wish your ‘holes’ age as gracefully?

Margaret Tionquiao



We all make mistakes and that's a fact of life. But when a 'leading' newspaper the size of The Post-Journal makes one, it's bound to create a different story — especially if it involves a well-known star like Julia Roberts.

An upstate newspaper called The Post-Journal may just have snagged what could have been the 'typo of the year' award with their latest story about Julia Roberts.


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7 Celebrity Couples Who Met Online

#6 is a superfan’s dream come true!

Nobelle Borines



Finding love is so much easier these days, thanks to online dating. However, it looks like regular people aren't the only ones who could get lucky on the internet. A few celebrity couples actually met online and some of them are proof that internet romances can work.

Although fans are always hoping for the best, some affairs simply don't last for long. Glee star Naya Rivera started following rapper Big Sean on Twitter before the musician asked her out on a date. The two announced their engagement after six months of dating but ultimately called it off in 2014. Here are seven other celebrity couples who got their start from the internet.

1. Calvin Harris And Rita Ora

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