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Teen Girl Shot Dead In a Fight that Allegedly Started on Facebook.

Teens intentionally planned the meet up to record on video the physical fight.


Another social media tragedy took the life of an Alabama teen named Kierra’onna Rice, only aged 14, and got two other companions injured after agreeing to meet in a park to settle a dispute that started in Facebook. Although there was no indication of the shoot out in the meet up, insiders added that gun fires were released upon the arrival of the ladies.

Police reported that several girls intentionally planned the meet up and hoped to record the physical fight online which transpired around 6:15 p.m. on Birmingham’s west side. As Lt. Sean Edwards of the Birmingham Police Department said, “this was an absolutely senseless killing.”

Although victims were immediately rushed to Baptist Princeton Medical Center, injuries sustained during the fatal shooting caused the death of Rice. As for the other two, they are already on recovery.


Two black male suspects, ages 17 and 19, are now in the custody of the police for investigation. “They took it upon themselves to fire recklessly into a crowd,” Edwards said. Police reports added that one of the suspects is dating one of the ladies.

Authorities rushed to Birmingham’s west side upon receipt of reports on the shoot out.


Photo credit: Jon Reed
Teens intentionally planned the meet up to record the physical fight.


Photo credit: Jon Reed
Rice is the second 14-year-old homicide victim in Birmingham in the last few weeks.


Photo credit: Jon Reed



70-Year-Old Man Struggled For 15 Years To Pay $400k “Debt”. Unfortunately, it was Just a SCAM!

OMG! Poor old man…

Although most of a typical retiree would eagerly plan how to spend their hard-earned cash say a long overdue investment or a Kardashian extravaganza, 70-year-old Tan Soy Kiang struggled very hard on two consecutive jobs just to pay a false debt worth $400,000.00.

It was 15 years ago when two women approached and convinced Tan that he owes the Singaporean government such debt and would result to imprisonment for any missed and delayed payment. Being gullible as he is, he immediately sought two jobs just to pay the false debt. With very limited means to cover the said sum, the deal was negotiated for a monthly payment instead.

Tan Soy Kiang, 70, had been paying off a $400,000 debt. Unfortunately, it was just a scam.


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Fishermen’s Rarest Yet Most Terrifying Catch. A Prehistoric BEAST With 300 Teeth.

They got quite a shock when they pulled a terrifying prehistoric shark from 700 meters below sea level.

A group of fishermen from Australia just made history when they caught a prehistoric shark. Commonly known as a frilled shark, its origin dates back to 80 million years which is only one of two species still alive. It is also believed that it's the very first time humans have seen such creature alive according to Simon Boag, chief executive of  South East Trawl Fishing Association (SETFA).

The two-meter-long shark was pulled out from water near Lakes Entrance in Victoria and was caught at 700 meters below sea level. Eel-like in shape, this frilled shark has 300 teeth over 25 rows which can devour its prey whole.

It has needle-shaped teeth which can grow up to two meters long.


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Dashboard Cameras Capture Terrifying Moment Taiwanese Airplane Crashed On a Bridge

Life is precious. You only live once. Cherish it!

A dashboard camera of a Taiwanese driver captured the terrifying moment of TransAsia flight GE235 crashing into a river near the country's capital city of Taipei. The chilling footage shows the plane, a turboprop ATR-72, rolling sharply to the left as it descends over an elevated bridge. TransAsia Airways has confirmed in a Facebook post that the plane carried 58 people — five crew members and 53 passengers. At least 13 people died in the crash.

(Watch the video below...)

The incident was also confirmed by Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council who issued a statement that there had been a plane crash at around 10:45 AM local time.

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