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He’s a Talented Artist. What He Does For the People In His Community Has Me In TEARS!





What started out as a one-time project airbrushing a mural at the Children’s Hospital, has now grown into a full blown YouTube series! Vancouver artist Travis Vagner didn’t know how people would react when he posted a time lapse video of his donated work on YouTube taking viewers through 180 plus hours of airbrushing in just under 3 minutes. The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive and one thing was for certain – they wanted more.

Travis Vagner is a talented local artist in Vancouver who creates murals and canvas works including some for several charities. Some murals that Travis created was a large Jungle Book mural at the Children’s Hospital, another one at an elementary school which is a tribute to a beloved teacher who passed away, and a portrait of a teenager with her father who was killed in 2009 in a case of a mistaken identity. Through his donations of art, he works with people in his community to help better their lives, and inspire onlookers.

Watch the Heartwarming Video:

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A Facebook page was created and submissions came flooding in with suggestions for Vagner’s next big project. Each request had a story to tell and every finished project had some ups and downs so it didn’t take long for the “Trials and Tribulations of Travis Vagner” to be born!

Here’s another interesting video:

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What is really amazing about this is the character of this man who goes so far out of his way to make a difference in the lives of others. One painting at a time.. one mural at a time.. you are leaving your mark on this world, and in the hearts of many.

Credits: Trials N Tribulations, Travis Vagner

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