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Adult Film Star Abandons Career After Hearing The Word Of God





Some redemption stories can come from the most unexpected people. An adult film star has enjoyed a long career with fame and fortune. However, she decided to leave it all behind her after hearing the Word of God.

Brittni De La Mora joined the adult film industry at the young age of 18. She had been working as a stripper before taking on the new career in 2005. Brittni, who became famous under the stage name Jenna Presley, worked in over 275 movies. She was even named one of the top 12 female porn stars by Maxim magazine. However, Brittni left it all behind in 2012 for a surprising reason.

Brittni had a successful adult film career for seven years before she decided to turn her life around.

Although Brittni had several accomplishments in the adult entertainment industry, she admits that she was depressed most of the time. She admitted to using crystal meth, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and Oxycontin during the seven years of her adult film career.

At one point, Brittni’s family intervened with her chosen profession and brought her to church. Although she accepted Jesus as her personal savior, Brittni went back to work soon after. Nevertheless, she found herself going back to the Lord after a life-changing flight.

Before she got on the plane, Brittni says she heard the voice of God telling her to bring her Bible. On the flight, she found the story of Jezebel in the book of Revelations where God was giving the woman a chance to repent.

“I started crying because I realized at that moment that was my Father in Heaven speaking to me about the way that he felt about sexual immorality,” Brittni said.

Brittni believes that the voice of God was speaking to her during the flight.

Brittni has since turned her back on the adult film industry and found love in her husband Richard. Together, they lead a young adults ministry.

Her story is certainly inspiring for people who are searching for forgiveness. Some are understandably impressed with Brittni’s bravery in sharing her tale.

“Thank you so very much for being brave enough to share your personal testimony,” one comment read. Needless to say, Brittni is certainly an inspiring woman.

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