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Adorable Girls Use Peppa Pig Slipper To Take Selfies

Cuteness overload!


Every little kid had played pretend. But living in a world of cellphones and iPads, most kids nowadays don’t know what it’s like to be entertained without using any gadgets.

With that said, adorable footage of two girls having so much fun without a gadget in sight quickly became viral because it was like a breath of fresh air. After being posted on social media earlier this month, the video received over 11 million views and counting.

Facebook user Minh Phuong posted the video on April 3, 2019, which has already reached 11 million views with over 230,000 shares on the popular social media platform as of this writing.

In the viral video, the two girls are enjoying themselves, posing for the “camera,” and mimicking something they might have seen their parents doing. The girls happily sit side by side taking pretend photos using a blue Peppa Pig slipper.

They then pose with the peace sign while flashing adorable smiles. They’re so imaginative and pretend to click a few buttons to inspect the photos they have taken.

The girl in the blue dress then leans back and holds the slipper up to take a photo of her friend. She even appeared to be counting before taking a snap.

Most viewers simply fell in love with the duo’s innocent act.

Some of the comments read:

“One of the cutest videos!”

“Imagination is limitless.”

At first look, the girl in blue dress appeared to have removed one of her slippers and invited her friend, who was sitting next to her, for a series of selfie shots. However, some netizens were amused by the possibility that the “phone” might have been someone else’s – the girl in pink.

But it could also be her own slipper, since she’s wearing blue, and the pink slipper might belong to the other girl. One thing is for sure, though – these kids clearly bonded that they wear each other’s slipper in each foot.

Watch the video here:

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