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Actress Dies After Trying to Treat Her Cancer With Traditional Chinese Medicine





A young and beautiful actress will no longer grace the screen with her presence after she decided to forgo chemotherapy for her cancer.

Twenty-six-year-old Chinese star, Xu Ting died from lymphoma after deciding to go with traditional medicine for her cancer instead of relying on Western-based treatment.

When Xu Ting learned of her diagnosis, she shared her illness on her Weibo account.


Source: Weibo
Which included her decision not to go through chemotherapy.


Source: Weibo

“I’ve thought about it for two whole days, and I want to give up treatment to go traveling. I’ve seen a friend who I personally have helped die even after going through with chemotherapy. I don’t want to suffer through chemotherapy to come out unrecognizable, lifeless and without any money.”

She decided to go through acupuncture and cupping to cure her own illness instead.

“I want to forgo continual treatment and go with traditional Chinese medical treatment, no kidding. I’m not sure if traditional Chinese medicine will cure me, but I know that chemotherapy will be painful and I may even die sooner.”

During the next few weeks, she documented her treatment via photos on her social media account:

Apart from acupuncture, she went through cupping.


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As well as gua sha, or scraping the skin to produce light bruising.

Which apparently hurt a lot.


And injured her porcelain skin.



Her concerned fans were distraught over the controversial images she posted and urged her to seek Western medical treatment.

One fan, who worked in a hospital pleaded with her to get chemotherapy.

“I have worked in a hospital for six years and with lymphoma patients too. Even though traditional Chinese medicine is very advanced, but based on my understanding, there has not been a patient who has been cured of cancer through traditional Chinese medical treatment. Cancer treatment is best with Western methods. Don’t delay the treatment. Chemotherapy is the only effective method to treat cancer right now.”

Still, Xu Ting persisted with her chosen course for treatment. Unfortunately, her health took a downturn.

She admitted to vomiting and diarrhea.


Source: Weibo

During one brief hospitalization, she wrote a heartbreaking final post:

“This is so painful!!!”


Xu Ting finally succumbed to lymphoma on September 7, two months after first being diagnosed. Her death immediately sparked a massive debate on the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine.

Some called traditional cures a sham, while experts and academics urged people not to blame traditional Chinese medicine for the actress’ death.

Still others posted their sympathies on the loss of one of China’s beautiful film stars.

However, one of Xu Ting’s posts reflected her sentiments.

It also resounded with a lot of her fans.


“…regardless of how long I can live for, I want to enjoy every day and live it to the fullest.”