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The “A4 Waist Challenge” is The Latest Trend In China And It’s Sweeping Across Asia

Basically, they wanted to prove that they have narrow waists.


Another body challenge has taken the internet by storm, and it’s quite disturbing. This newest trend, which originated in China, is called The A4 Waist Challenge.

The craze basically dares a woman to show the world that her waist is as small—or even smaller—than the standard size of a paper, which is 8.27 inches vertically.

Ultimately, it wants women to prove that they meet the beauty standard.

According to AOL, this particular challenge first became popular at Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site.


Source: Weibo

It later gained traction on Instagram and Twitter, with women posting their pictures using the #A4waist hashtag.


Source: CEN

Since February, hundreds of photos of women holding a piece of paper vertically against their waists or behind their backs have emerged online.


Source: CEN


Source: Weibo

In some cases, women ask someone else to take their picture, so they can hold the paper properly using both hands. Others just tuck the paper inside their jeans or shirts.


Source: CEN

Some people think that it’s quite odd for ladies to compare their bodies to a piece of paper. And just like The Belly Button Challenge and all the other body challenges that have gone viral over the net, this latest trend also encourages unrealistic body standards for women.



Twitter user, John Disereits commented, “So are they insinuating smaller is better? Not cool to offend the girls who don’t measure up in this manner,” the Daily Mail reports.



Some people decided to make fun of the challenge. They also claim to have A4-sized waists when the paper is held horizontally.


EgyptAir Plane Left With A Massive Hole In Its Nose After Hitting A Bird

Must’ve been a huge bird, I guess?

In case you’ve ever wondered what kind of damage a bird can do if it ever hits a plane, we have the answer for you.

Recently, several news websites shared reports about an Egyptair plane which was left with a massive hole in its nose after a bird clashed on it. The Boeing 737 aircraft was carrying 71 passengers on board when it was struck by the feathered flyer on its way to London Heathrow. The plane arrived to the airport straight from its Cairo flight.

According to the news, the plane still managed to land safely and no one was hurt from the incident. The hole was estimated to be around 60 centimeters (or almost 2 feet) in diameter.

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Creepy Viral Video Shows Paved Dockyard Floor in Italy ‘Breathing’

It looks as if the ground is alive.

It looks like a nondescript block paving with small grass and weeds protruding in between each brick. Aside from the faded, whitish spot on the floor, everything else seems normal.

But just keep your eyes glued to the screen, particularly at the area below the steel barrier. Because in a few seconds, you will witness something that probably doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.

And it's really phenomenal!

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Apparently, It Is Hard Being A Christian in China

Crosses removed, leaders arrested.

China, an atheist state, is putting a stop to the spread of Christianity in the country. The last several years have seen churches being demolished by the government, pastors and church leaders getting arrested, and laws being passed authorizing the removal of crosses. These have resulted to confrontations between the churchgoers and the police.

Removal of a cross from Wenzhou’s Dongyang Church

Removal of a cross from Wenzhou’s Dongyang Church

All of this started when the people identifying themselves as Christians in China increased rapidly. In 2010, China has 9 million Catholics and 59 million Protestant Christians. The atheist govermnent has ramped up its efforts in suppressing religion as minorities grow in number and demanding their rights.

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