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Walmart Employee Gets Down On The Floor To Let A Lady Who Suddenly Fainted Lean On Him

Now that’s what true customer service is all about.






A Walmart employee has been praised for his random act of kindness. A man named Jason was just doing his regular task in the famous chain store when he saw a lady pass out on the floor.

Immediately, Jason fell to his knees to give support to the woman. A couple, Brittany and Joshua, who happened to be in the store during the incident, saw what happened and shared the heartwarming scene in a Facebook post, which then garnered attention.

“What I experienced today was love, kindness, and serving.”

Good thing that Brittany happens to be a registered nurse. She then went to offer help, while other Walmart employees also made sure that the woman will be comfortable.

Jason, on the other hand, stood out. Brittany and her husband witnessed how Jason, without hesitation, went down on the floor and supported the woman’s back as she tries to recover. Another man also offered his prayers for the lady.

Brittany was grateful to have experienced such a beautiful moment despite the media always reporting the bad side of things.

On her Facebook post, Britanny thoroughly explained what happened at that time in Walmart.

“Following my appointment this morning to check on our growing baby boy, my husband and I stopped at Walmart in Evans to pick up a couple of things. As we were walking to the refrigerated section, we noticed a woman who had passed out and fallen on the floor. Being a registered nurse, my first instinct was of course to stop, assess, and be there to help.”

Once the lady regained her orientation, she revealed that she was taking blood thinners and she felt dizzy. Brittany, her daughter and the Walmart personnel stayed by the woman’s side while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

“The Walmart staff was amazing. They kept in contact with dispatch as we waited on the bus to arrive. Then there was Jason. I don’t know his last name, but this man, no questions asked got down on the floor with this woman and supported her back so she could lean against him. He literally got down on the floor to serve her, not because he was asked to do it, he wasn’t, but because he wanted to.”

She continued:

“The media lately shows our country divided, filled with hate and racial tension, but this right here was one human being loving and serving another without condition of race or obligation. While we waited, another man stopped, knelt down and prayed over this woman. What I experienced today was love, kindness, and serving. We are human beings, each and every one of us regardless of how much pigmentation our skin has or doesn’t have.”

Britanny also explained why she shared her experience on social media. According to her, the media doesn’t usually pick up news like this – news about “the unity and the positive that occurs.” She believes life is not all about the hate that is being shown on TV.

People shared her sentiments.

May this serve as an inspiration to all of us to show kindness to anyone no matter where we are always.

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