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9-Year-Old Collects Thousands of Barbie Dolls to Donate to Other Little Girls in Need





A young girl with a big heart hatched on an idea to ensure every needy little girl in her city never need go without a “friend” to confide their problems in. She decided to collect Barbie Dolls from other people to donate to foster children, and kids in shelters and underprivileged neighborhoods.

A self-confessed Barbie Doll lover, nine-year-old Gianni Graham, who hails from Hampton Roads, Virginia, was inspired by her aunt who adopted three girls from foster homes who didn’t have any dolls of their own. Gianni began with a New Year’s resolution to amass 1,000 dolls to send to other little girls living in shelters and foster homes.

Gianni with her collected donations

barbie 1

Her resolution snowballed, and within weeks she was able to accumulate not only 1,000 dolls, but…

1,827 Barbies to donate to other little girls in need!

Gianni and her mom personally hand-delivered some 1,200 Barbie dolls to foster care and shelter girls in their area just a couple of months into the “Barbie Girl” campaign.

Gianni’s mother, who is still so overwhelmed by her daughter’s generous gesture, noted a lot of the Barbie donations came from people out of state, and with the success of the initial venture, Gianni wants to supersize her campaign to encompass not only the state of Virginia, but the whole United States.

Gianni believes every little girl needs a companion they can talk to when they are lonely, or when they find themselves in situations they have no control over.

She is now calling upon more privileged kids from New York, Atlanta, Miami, and as far as Hawaii to become “Barbie Girl” ambassadors, empowering them to become young leaders who will start collecting Barbie dolls for needy little girls in their cities.

This summer, Gianni aims to collect 10,000 Barbie dolls for every city.

Have you got the heart it takes to make needy little girls as happy as Gianni did this year?

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H/T: Inside Edition

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