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9 Ways to Escape Christmas





Let’s face it. The holiday rush can be quite a nightmare and it makes people want to escape it sometimes. The problem is that traveling during the Christmas season is even worse, and so most travelers opt to leave earlier than expected or go to destinations that are far from the holiday crowd.

If you’re not a big fan of Christmas, here are 9 destinations where you can escape to this holiday season and totally escape the festivities:

1. Go to New Zealand

Source: CNN

The land of the hobbits is an ideal destination because it’s just far from everyone else and it takes you at least 24 hours to get there if you’re coming from the Northern region. New Zealand is relaxed and less-commercialized.

2. Go to a non-Christian country

Source: CNN

Christmas is a Christian tradition. If you want to escape the frivolity of the holiday season, going to a non-Christian country is your best bet. Morocco is a favorite among those who like to escape the cold weather of the holiday season.

3. Go to a communist country

Source: CNN

By this we mean going to Laos. It’s the perfect place where you can be safe and, at the same time, be free from too much merry-making and celebration. And it’s cheap to tour the country, too.

4. Go on a retreat

Source: CNN

If you truly want to escape all the partying and holiday rush, go on a retreat. Take a yoga course somewhere, immense yourself in a spiritual retreat, or silent meditation and then come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

5. Go to a party town

Source: CNN

While this seems ironic, heading to a town like New Orleans during the Christmas season is actually a good idea. Their celebration of the holidays is a lot less stressful than others.

6. Do volunteer work

Source: CNN

Not only are you able to escape the Christmas rush, you’re also able to help others as you do volunteer work during the holiday season.

7. Find a remote island

Source: CNN

If you’re lucky enough to find a no-man island where it would be difficult to track you, better book the destination for several days and just bask in the glorious sun. Lundy is an island in Britain’s Bristol channel where signal is sparse, internet connection is unavailable and there are no TV sets at all. That’s it, disconnect from the world for awhile and experience the big difference.

8. Visit the London City Center

Source: CNN

Ironically, the London City Center is devoid of large crowds on Christmas day. No carolers singing Christmas songs or people heading to the malls for last-minute holiday shopping.

9. Experience the wild

Source: CNN

One of the best ways to avoid the rest of humanity during Christmas is to go on a trek or experience the beauty of the wild. India is a favorite destination for Christmas treks but if you’re averse to the cold weather, you might want to try something a bit more tropical like South America.

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