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8-Year-Old Boy Racks Up Almost $4K Credit Card Bill On Xbox Purchases

His mother has decided to cancel Christmas because of their huge credit card bill!

  • An eight-year-old schoolboy has been buying several game extras for his Xbox game but did not realize it would result in a massive credit card bill.
  • The boy’s mother was shocked when her credit card statement amounted to almost $4,000 in online purchases.
  • The furious mom had announced that Christmas was cancelled for her son.

This might be the most expensive way to realize that leaving your credit card details with your child is not a good idea. A mother just found out that her eight-year-old son has racked up a bill amounting to almost $4,000 on multiple Xbox purchases. The boy had been using her credit card to buy game extras on Roblox and Minecraft without her knowledge.

Leon Berriedale-Johnson is an eight-year-old schoolboy from Brighton, East Sussex who had been buying several Roblox and Minecraft extras for his Xbox game. His mother Martine had previously used her credit card to get her son a one-time special treat but forgot to remove her details from the account. The error led to Leon being able to get the extras without his mom’s knowledge. Unfortunately, it also resulted in a credit card bill that amounted to £3,210 ($3,980).

The face you make when your son racks up a massive credit card bill on Xbox extras.

Martine was understandably upset with the bill.

“I had no idea that my details had been saved on the system and Leon was still using my card to buy more online,” she said. “When I saw my credit card bill, I went crazy. I told him I was selling his Xbox.”

The single mother of two stated that she is careful with her finances but the huge credit card bill has forced her to tell her sons that they won’t be celebrating Christmas this year.

“I’ve told the boys Christmas is cancelled and that they’re not getting any toys. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to afford Christmas dinner after this,” she said.

Leon and brother Eddie might not be celebrating Christmas this year.

Luckily, Leon has learned his lesson and Microsoft even stepped up to help the family so they could have a nice Christmas dinner.

“Family settings and tools enable parents to block their children from making online purchases. We review all reports, and in cases where we our investigation confirms that purchases were made by a minor without parental permission, we may decide that a one-time refund is appropriate. On this occasion, the customer has been fully refunded,” Microsoft said in a statement.


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