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Internet Responds Warmly to Lonely Disabled Woman Looking for Roast Dinner Companion

Faith in humanity restored!


With all the negativity we see on social media these days, it’s really easy to lose faith in humanity. Then again, its stories such as this one that makes us realize and believe that, yes, there is still some good in this world.

Apparently, a lonely disabled woman posted on Facebook looking for a roast dinner companion – and netizens responded warmly to her request.

On the Brighton Sunday Roast Club page, elderly Pat Obryne wrote her first post.

She said:

“I am disabled, love roast dinners but live on my own, no car, very lonely, but have not got a big appetite.”

Fortunately, it didn’t take long until residents came reacting to her post in a very positive way.

Kind-hearted people immediately offered rides, food, and company to the old lady.

Eventually, businessman Michael Taggart shared screenshots of the exchanges on Twitter and it just went viral from there. Thousands of Twitter netizens liked and retweeted the post.

Taggart wrote:

“This is a first ever post by a lonely, disabled woman in Brighton’s roast dinner Facebook page. The responses are life-affirming.”

One of the responders, Rob Elgood, told Pat she’s welcome to join him and his wife.

As you can see on the bottom part of the conversation, a restaurant owner even offered free food for Pat and her companions should they choose to have roast dinner at his business.

Originally, the Brighton Sunday Roast Club page was created on Facebook to help locals share reviews of roast dinner restaurants.

Kefi, one of the page admins, told Huffington Post:

“I was delighted by the response to Pat’s piece, but not that surprised.

“By and large we have very nice members who are engaged in their community – hence their interest in where’s good locally to go.

“I love that a page about roasts can also make someone feel connected to others.”


Twitter World In Search For Third Grade Girl Who Wrote Powerful Poem On Femininity

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If adults can’t win the favor of the world, then let’s try hearing the voice of a little child on the issue of feminism and gender equality. The internet is left in awe with the poem that a third grader reportedly wrote.

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A perfect example of an unending love and sacrifice in marriage is seen in a couple in China - a blind husband and a crippled wife. He carries her on his back, not minding their disabilities as they work together to go through each day.

Some people would easily give up and lose hope in life when they're faced with this kind of problem.

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Rossborough – commonly referred to as Dr. Ian – received a message from a boy named Muntathar, who, at the age of 17, was already suffering from a severe pain in the back. In fact, he has spent three months in extreme pain. One day, he decided to contact Dr. Ian of the Chiropractic Excellence clinic in Australia. He believed that the doctor was the only one capable of helping treat his condition.

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