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8 Things Men Do That Prove They Truly Love You





When we think of men, we think of strength and power. But the truth of the matter is that even the strongest man you know has a tender side and they are often not afraid to show it to someone they love.

It is mostly believed that women take their relationships more seriously than men. However, when a guy finally finds someone he truly loves, his ways will be much different from when he was with other partners he didn’t have a strong connection with.

1. He will listen intently to you

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All men listen but not all understand your words and thoughts. A man who truly loves you will give you his full focus and attention. He will even remember the smallest details of your conversation.

2. He will fight with you for a reason

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People normally see fighting as something negative. But that’s not always the case. He will fight reasonably because he had invested in the relationship. Moreover, he is open to discussing the problems so both of you can find a solution.

3. He will sacrifice his hapiness just to make you happy.

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Happiness is something we all strive to attain and a man who truly loves you will prioritize you. Even if your joy means that he would have to change his plans, he’d willingly do it in a heartbeat.

4. He will fight to retain your love

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A man who truly loves you believes that losing you is the biggest heartache for him. So he will fight to retain that love because he couldn’t imagine his life without you in it.

5. He’s always proud of what you have accomplished

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Men are generally very competitive he won’t see your success as a threat. Instead, he will see it as his own and will continually provide you with praise and much-needed encouragement.

6. You’re always beautiful to him

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He sees more than just your pretty face. He loves you for a much deeper reason. No breakouts or bad hair days will make him see you less attractive than when you felt your best.

7. He won’t be afraid to show his vulnerability in front of you

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Some men are afraid of showing vulnerability but sometimes he will do it because he trusts you. He knows that you will not judge him for his fears.

8. He cared about your loved ones because he knows how important they are to you

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Lastly, he will be more than willing to make connections with all the people close to your heart. He understands the importance of your family and friends, so he respects their position in your life.

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