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8 Monogamous Animals That Stay Together Forever

True love!

When it comes to monogamy, a lot of people can learn a thing or two from several members of the animal kingdom. You think forever doesn’t exist when it comes to relationships? Maybe you haven’t heard of these animals who proved that one true love can happen.

These couplings flirt via air, land, or sea. Not only are they capable of sticking to one mate, they also have fascinating behavior when it comes to finding a partner, mating with them, and staying with them.

Macaroni Penguin

Most bird types are actually monogamous, but none are as devoted as the Macaroni penguin. A penguin couple does an “ecstatic display,” in which they dance when they see each other. By dancing it means puffing up their chests, swinging their heads from side to side, and making gurgling noises. When they reproduce, Daddy looks after the baby penguin while Mommy hunts for food.

Gray Wolf

An alpha male and his partner are more than just a twosome; they are a power couple that holds the social hierarchy of the other gray wolves in the pack. They produce a child just once a year.

Barn Owl


Male owls woo potential mates by screeching and giving them dead mice. The interested female reciprocates and shows her approval by croaking.

Shingleback Skink

It’s a type of lizard found in Australia. They return to the same partner during mating season. The male lizard woos the female by caressing her. The payoff? A partnership that can last more than 20 years. Even the way they walk together shows how the male regards his partner; he walks slightly behind the female.


They are just like humans in terms of relationships. They woo, cheat, break up, and even choose new partners. But a lot of them stay together for keeps. They show their affection by grooming each other and raising their children together.

Black Vulture

Vultures may look creepy and sinister, but they are actually loving mates. A male vulture courts the female by circling her with his neck extended and then chasing and diving towards her. They stay together all year round. Once the female lays her eggs, the couple take turns incubating them on 24-hour shifts.


Swans have become the symbol of love and for good reason. During courtship, they curve their long necks toward each other, forming a heart-shaped display. They lift their wings and bow.

Bald Eagle

They keep returning to the same partner each mating season. Just like the vulture, Daddy eagle helps out in taking care of the chicks by feeding them and keeping them warm.


Escobar’s Submarine With Missing £50 Billion Fortune “Found” Off The Coast of Colombia

Escobar’s submarines could carry up to ‘up to 2,000 kilograms of cocaine.’

Notorious cartel chief Pablo Escobar was certainly the master of hiding his cash and drugs to avoid being detected by the authorities. During his heydey, Escobar used every channel possible via land and air. Turns out he is not above smuggling his illegal cargo through the deep blue sea. Recently, two former CIA agents reported that they found one of the submarines used by Escobar for smuggling.

The submarine reportedly contains Escobar's missing £50 billion fortune. Ex-agents Ben Smith and Doug Laux have been working hard to find the Colombian drug lord's missing money.

They have been talking to loaders of the said submarine to dig more information.


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They did not only forever change the landscape of the world; they also claimed thousands of lives.

Volcanoes may look beautiful and stunning but they are still considered the most dangerous natural forces on the planet. And since time immemorial, they have wreaked havoc and devastated human lives. In fact, their volatility has changed the world’s landscape over time and claimed the lives of thousands of people.

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Divers Find Drug Submarine In Search For Pablo Escobar’s $50 Billion Fortune

The former agents are on a mission to search for Pablo Escobar’s hidden fortune.

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar had his notorious reign in the 1970s to 1980s and it was known that he used submarines to transport loads of drugs. Now, ex-CIA agents allegedly have found one of the vessels used to smuggle cocaine from Colombia to Puerto Rico.

Former agents Doug Laux and Ben Smith are on an expedition off the Colombian coast to find Escobar's hidden fortune. Together, they are featured in a program on Discovery channel, trying to find the submarine after they received a tip on its whereabouts.

Laux and Smith went deep-sea diving to search for Escobar's rumored $50B fortune.


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