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73 Ways to Be a True Gentleman: A Comprehensive, Witty And No Frills Guide





Being a gentleman has all the plus points. Not only will you be able to show kindness to the world, but also get the attention of all the girls and score a really beautiful girlfriend. But seriously, being a gentleman is an amiable act for young lads, especially in today’s modern world where manners don’t matter as long as convenience is achieved.

We see big men comfortably sitting on a chair in the bus, while an old lady bears the long ride standing and balancing her self. We see young men storm pass through the door of a movie house, without giving courtesy to a mother with a kid at hand. We see men asking their girlfriends to order for them in McDonalds, pay for the popcorn and ask them to just ride the cab home. Sounds familiar? Well, we think so too and with the surge of young men lacking manners nowadays, we think it is appropriate for us to remind you on how to be a gentlemen even in your small, little ways.

Below is a very neat infographic, giving 73 (count them!) tips on how to be a true-blue gentlemen. If you are gearing for a first date or meeting your girlfriend’s family for the first time, then you’ve come to the right place! For women, especially mothers, this is also an informative read to help you guide the men in your lives.




More than good looks and great talent, we think having good manners and right conduct is the way to go. Not only will you gain the attention of many, it will also make you feel good about yourself, knowing you’ve made someone feel loved and appreciated.

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Credits: Visually, Lifestylebyps

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