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Kid Who Saved An Injured Chicken’s Life With Everything He Had Just Won An Award





Perched atop the high hills on the North eastern corners of India, flanked by Bangladesh and Myanmar, lies a storehouse of natural beauty – a place called Mizoram. This place is inhabited by Mizos, believed to be descendants of the brave Mongolian race who spilled over to the Indian regions centuries ago. Who would have thought that from this quiet area, a young hero is going to make himself known to the modern world?

An accidental hit, a life at risk, and a classic savior – these are the typical elements of a great story. The hero also usually comes in a 6-foot, squared jaw and barrel-chested package, the stuff of fairy tales. In this case, however, the hero of the story is 6-year old Derek C Lalchhanhima, a young boy from Sairang, Mizoram.


On April 2, a Facebook user know only as Sanga Says had posted a photo of a young boy who looked visibly upset. It turns out that he had accidentally run-over his neighbor´s chick with his bike. According to reports, one nurse took the photo because the boy looked adorably crestfallen, while begging for help. The boy had been so fearful for the chick´s life that he ran home and begged his parents to help save the poor creature.


Derek, upon getting his parents to say he can go by himself if he wants to, did exactly that. He grabbed up all of his savings amounting to INR 10 (50 fils) and ran to a nearby hospital, chick in hand, to save its life.

In yet another report, Derek’s father had said that his son hadn’t realized that the chick was already de ad. They went though the motions of going to the hospital and when that visit turned futile, they had to tell him that it was too late for the chick. The now viral image was taken by one of the nurses at the hospital Derek visited. The post now has more than 135,000 likes, 93,000 shares and 12,000 comments at the time of writing.


In addition to the nurses and netizens, Derek´s compassion towards the chick was also recognized by his school teachers at St. Pio, Sairang. He was awarded by his school for his unique display of kindness. The boy has been draped with a shawl of honor that looks like a modified “Tawlhloh Puan”, traditionally reserved for those who have exemplified extraordinary courage.

Sanga Says has made another post, updating everyone of the event.


Dhiraj Chhetri, a cop posted in Sairang, admitted that he was surprised to see his son, Derek, act the way he did. “He’s always been a rather unique kid,” he added.

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