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6 Types Of Dog Owners You Come Across With In The Park

Which one are you?






Raising dogs is not that easy. It requires patience and passion. It makes sense to get to know more about them so that you are aware of what you may be dealing with.

We all know there are different types of dog breeds. But I bet you didn’t know there are various kinds of dog owners, too? You might have encountered some of them already.

Check out the list below to find out which one are you.

The Dog Mom

The more, the merrier. Dogs for them are like babies, they enjoy and love them even though sometimes they might be dragged through bushes.

The Messy One

Hello! Your dog just made a mess in the par but who cares? They just let their dog do what they want even in public.

The Absentee

Letting their dog (big and heavy) freely roam and mess around with just about anything (including eating on the same plate with your child). What can you expect? The owner is nowhere to be found anyway.

The Instagrammer

Let’s take a selfie! Say cheese doggie. It’s fine to take photos but this type of dog owner has the tendency to overdo it. You’d have to wonder how many followers the dog has in Instagram?

The Prim and Proper One

They have a socialite personality and usually treat their dog like royalty. Ensures that everything for the pooch is the best of the best.

The Mean-Looking One

Sometimes you will see the cutest dog ever but when you look at their owner, yup, its better just take a look at the dog again.

If you feel like you are not one of these types, then that’s good for you! Treat your pooch with love anyway, the way you think they deserve.

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6 Illustrations Showing Why Wearing All Black Is Not Always A Good Idea

Wearing all black has its pros and cons.




Black is, without a doubt, one of the top favorite colors of every male and female on this planet. It is the easiest to match with other colors; anyone can pull it off, and it’s perfect for both genders. However, wearing all black is not always a good idea. It actually has its cons that will make you reconsider wearing the matchy-matchy ensemble.

Many believed that buying black outfits is such a great idea. The goal is to mix and match the items that you purchased over the years to make it into a couple of masterpieces. Unfortunately, there are different shades of black that would make your pieces look like two colors once you step out of your house.

Black is considered the easiest color to pull off, which is why people love wearing an all-black ensemble most of the time.

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IHOP Changes Name to IHOB, Gets Savagely Trolled By Wendy’s and Other Restaurants

IHOP starts selling burgers and changes its name to IHOB. The plan immediately backfired!

Mark Andrew



Established way back 1958, we’ve all known the International House of Pancakes for, well obviously, its pancakes. The American restaurant chain has always promoted its brand as “home of all things breakfast and everything delicious” and, as it appears, they’re looking at expanding the “everything delicious” part of that promise.

Recently, IHOP made the bold move of rebranding itself as IHOb with the letter b standing for “burgers” – and everyone quickly took notice, In an official statement following the huge announcement, IHOP told its customers:

“We’re flippin’ from pancakes, pancakes, pancakes to burgers, burgers, burgers.”

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Funny Fathers Who Are Definitely Not Winning “Dad of the Year” This Father’s Day

These guys proved fatherhood is NEVER boring.

Mark Andrew



Fatherhood is definitely not for the faint of heart. As a father, you have to work hard and provide for your family’s needs. That’s on top of setting a good example to your children, plus helping your wife with the home chores and parenting duties.

Despite all that, it doesn’t mean that fatherhood is no fun at all. There are a lot of dads out there who will readily tell you that it’s been the most rewarding experience of their lives. It can be challenging, yes, but it can also be a great source of happiness.

Case in point, the daddies in the photos below show us how not to take fatherhood too seriously. Well perhaps they did overdo the fun factor but hey, you get the picture - being a dad is never boring if you know how to find humor in your responsibilities.

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