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Teen Makes Money With Pics Of Dog On Instagram After Friends Complained On Facebook

His Facebook friends got “sick” of seeing their pics. Now his pet is an Instagram star!


Who needs friends when you have a dog? Especially when your four-legged pet doesn’t only make you happy but also brings in the cash for you. This is what happened to James Power who started an Instagram account for his photogenic pooch after friends complained of seeing his posts on Facebook.

James may only be 15 years old but he is already earning up to £500 ($588.00 USD approx.) a month. Thanks to his adorable golden labrador Marley, the teen now boasts over 19,000 followers and has been approached by big pet brands.

Just like most Instagram stars, Marley is getting paid to pose with products on the popular social media platform. The cute dog, who was born October last year, has been featured on Pedigree,, and Top Collar.

James Power estimates that he earns around £500 per month from top animal brands featuring Marley.

Marley’s Instagram fame all started when James switched to the photo-sharing site after his friends were “sick” of seeing his pet on their Facebook feeds. Being a proud owner of the labrador, the Gorebridge teen still shared snaps of his furry pal but on a different platform. As it turns out, it was the best move.

James then revealed that he had always wanted a dog to the point that he would lie about owning one when he actually didn’t. Fortunately, a family friend gave Marley to the young boy and they are now inseparable.

James said:

“In school, everyone used to have a dog and I didn’t so I used to lie that I had a dog. I first wanted to get a pug but then I decided to get a lab, it’s my best friend.”

Pics of the golden labrador got a lot of love on Instagram after teen’s friends got “sick” of seeing them on Facebook.

The Newbattle High School student shared that he is very grateful for all the support so he decided to share his blessings. When a company asked to send him money and sponsor Marley, he shared the dog treats for homeless dogs.

Marley is now officially an Instagram star.


These Life-Changing Shoes Can Fit from Childhood All the Way to Adulthood

And they’re improving the lives of many children around the world!

In poor communities, having proper footwear is not a priority for the people. Nevertheless, footwear is helpful in protecting them, especially the children, from diseases they might catch or discomforts they might experience while barefoot outdoors. This is why an invention called The Shoe That Grows is able to change the lives of many children in impoverished areas around the world.

The Shoe That Grows is a low-cost, high-lifetime shoe. It can last up to five years and expands up to five sizes, so the owner can use it for a long time. This is ideal for underprivileged children who are normally seen with either no footwear or with shoes that do not properly fit them.

Kenton Lee of the non-profit organization Because International had the idea to create the revolutionary shoes during a visit to Kenya in 2007.

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Kid Gets Teased For His ‘Girly’ Lunch Box, So His Uncle Steps In To Teach Them A Lesson

You might want to get one too!

Every kid has his own favorite member of the family apart from mom and dad of course. Kids show their affection to grandpa and grandma because grandparents are the best spoilers most of the time. However, other kids' favorites are their uncles and this young boy now considers him a hero.

Ten-year-old Ryker lives with his mom and dad, Emily and Talon Fowler, and two brothers. He loves cats and for that, he got a colorful lunchbox that has cats in it. He was thrilled to have it but some of his classmates teased him because it looked too girly.

The boy was excited for his lunchbox only to get bullied.

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3-Year-Old Boy Gets Pissed With People Throwing Garbage, Becomes A Beach-Cleaning Hero

It’s when a toddler is more responsible than the adults.

Nature is suffering every single day and this is because humans are not nice enough to take care of it. Humanity is sometimes cruel but fortunately, there are still a lot of people that love Mother Nature - just like this kid who is fed up with how people treat the environment.

William Mosley is only 3 years old but it looks like this kid already knows what he wants at an early age - to be an environmentalist. His mother Charlotte Heritage, 29, said that the boy was inspired by a TV program called Ocean Rescue: Dive In And Do It which showcases the damage that garbage can do to the ocean. The toddler started his campaign at home by checking every item in their kitchen.

William Mosley, 3, decided to take action against plastic pollution.

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