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6 Funny Comics Showing the Difference Between Lust and Love





Lust and love are hard to tell apart, especially if you’re infatuated with someone. Most would say that the surefire way to know if it’s just lust is if your relationship with someone is centered around sex and sex alone. But what about the subtler signs?

Illustrator Karina Farek created a series of comics showing the sometimes stark and sometimes subtle difference between the two.

1. Sex vs. Nothing.

1. Sex vs. Nothing.

If someone’s in love with you, they’re perfectly okay with just lounging around and doing nothing. If it’s lust, you can be sure that sex will always be the top priority.

2. Impressing you vs. Taking care of you.


It’s easy to get your heart pumping with romantic gestures and sweet nothings. But only a person who loves you will acknowledge that you’re in need of some TLC and do what they can to take care of you… Even if it means buying you tampons.

3. Money vs. Effort.


Someone who lusts after you can try to impress you with expensive gifts and fancy dinners, but if someone loves you, they won’t hesitate in the face of dirty business.

4. What do you think about when you think about him/her?


If all that comes to mind when his/her name pops up is sex, you know it’s lust. But if every mundane moment or silly video on the internet reminds you of your special someone, that’s love.

5. How they charm you.


Anyone can make you laugh with perfectly curated jokes that are sure to get you giggling. But only a person who loves you will be able to laugh at the silliest things with you.

6. Compliments.


A person who lusts after you will compliment you when you’ve worked hard to look great for them. But if someone loves you, you can be wearing your rattiest t-shirt and wolfing down on a burrito in bed and they’d still think you’re beautiful.

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