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50-Year-Old Mom Regularly Stuns People By Looking Half Her Age





When people ask Ye Wen how old she is, they can hardly believe her answer. This mother and fitness model from Henan Province in China hardly looks her age.

She looks way younger. Decades younger. In fact, she has the face and body of a woman half her age. Anyone who hears her answer would immediately do a double take and maybe even demand to see her birth certificate. Or any form of ID as proof.

Because Ye Wen is 50 years old.

yewen 1

Source: AWM

That’s right. She’s half a century years old. Which is difficult to believe given her smooth, unlined and unblemished skin, and her firm, enviable body.

Ye Wen didn’t always look this way. In fact, she looked quite ordinary and was aging at the normal rate up until she was 30.

When she turned the big 3-0, she turned to swimming for fitness and got hooked on the high that exercise endorphins gave her.

Not only did she get fit, she began challenging herself to even more feats of endurance. She swims across the straits of Malacca in Malaysia, and crosses South Korea’s Han River, as well.

Not to mention rock climbing. Under waterfalls.

ye wen 5

Source: CEN

Endurance swimming didn’t come easy, though. Ye Wen had to train her body to take the stress of swimming such long and perilous distances.

She swam at the local pool everyday, and performed toning exercises at the gym two hours a day, two to three times a week.

Hard work pays off.

ye wen 3

Source: CEN

Add this to a healthy diet, and she has created a fit lifestyle that has gained her a lot of renown and thousands of followers on her social media accounts. In Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, she has received over three million mentions and counting.

When asked her secret, Ye Wen credits her discipline and dedication to reaching her goals, one realistic step at a time.

She believes she will have reached a major achievement when she could wear a bikini with pride at age 80.

If we work as hard as Ye Wen has, will we all look this good at age 50?

ye wen 2

Source: CEN
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