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50 Times Hotels Failed So Badly It’s Hilarious

These hotel fails are sure to leave guests amused and confused.


Staying in a hotel could be quite convenient, especially during travels. From comfy beds to fancy facilities — hotels will definitely make your time away from home unforgettable.

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However, not all of them can live up to expectations. Just like some of these hilarious hotel fails that will make guests want to stay at home instead.

Check them out in the photos below:


“50% Air Conditioning.”


Source: RustyToad

“The bin in my hotel room.”


“Stayed at the Gaylord hotel in Nashville last weekend. This was the view from my window.”


Source: acrawf1

“This hotel is very… accommodating.”


Source: Jwags420

“Found the most useless cabinet at my hotel.”


Source: code0011

“Chinese Hotel Rules.”


Source: syrupdash

“The hotel’s cinema room spared no expense.”


“I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels and never seen a sign like this one. Welcome to Missouri!”


“In my hotel room, I can either close the closet or the bathroom, but not both at the same time.”


“Condoms found in a Chinese hotel. For that special someone ;)”


Source: delabass

“My hotel elevator in Myanmar is a little confusing.”


“This curtain definitely gave an added touch to the room.”


“I’m beginning to think our hotel in Cambodia was a little dishonest on their flyer about the amenities.”


“So my friend is staying at a hotel in Minnesota right now. Needless to say, it’s pretty cold.”


“At the hotel pool shop in Japan.”


Source: c0ffeeman

“Staying at a hotel in Dublin, this made me giggle.”


Source: Provenzer0

“As a frequent traveler I get gifts at hotels. Really?”


Source: one4buffett

“”Art” in a hotel lobby. Apparently, I’ve been making masterpieces in the shower for years!”


Source: Juju_bubs

“The word “hot” in hotel caught on fire.”


Source: BunyipPouch

“Greatest hotel name of all time.”


Source: Doobsthegr8

“This was in my hotel room in Taiwan…”


Source: Giygas

“The hotel parking kiosk thought my ticket was from 1996 and charged accordingly.”


“Our lamp at the hotel. Fancy huh?”


“Friend switched on the lights in his hotel room and looked up.”


“Toilet wasn’t working at the hotel. Found the problem.”


Source: lalo2302

“I’m at the G spot of the hotel.”


“My non-smoking hotel room came with a non-smoking ashtray.”


Source: Bethanne0721

“A motel in my town is offering something most don’t.”


Source: Pilotguy44

“This picture is in the bathroom of our motel room.”


“Exactly the art I DON’T want hanging in my hotel room.”


Source: Reignofzane

“I’m in a hotel, I asked one of the maids for toothpaste, she says “toothpaste? Yeah!” And hands me these.”


Source: StopPre182

“This is on the bed in my hotel room.”


“My parents just arrived at their hotel in Spain and sent a photo of their pool. Not even joking.”


Source: ExHokie

“The motel advertised that they had a pool. They did NOT mention that it was filled with gravel.”


“When your sink desires to go on strike.”


Source: MrGrieves123

“The sink in my Hotel was a bit… complicated.”


“My hotel has a sitting area with no possible way to access it.”


“The soap dispenser in my hotel.”


Source: drowse

“This staircase at the hotel I was staying at this week.”


Source: MattyAyOh

“Was leaving a hotel in China, almost forgot to flip this switch.”


Source: ted1618

“Just found this at a hotel I’m staying. Nice showcase.”


Source: Chappssss

“Hotel I’m staying at right now, who’s job was this? Go go gadget arm!”


Source: trevorm088

“My hotel tried to fold their towels all fancy like…”


“Hotel gave me a room that’s under construction.”


Source: eddygoombah

“The vent in my hotel shower doesn’t seem to be working.”


Source: cingyri

“A girl I know is traveling in Indonesia… her hotel gave some sage advice.”


”Both spelling and the actual password for the Wifi at a hotel where a friend is staying.”


Source: FerretFarm

“We are traveling around North Vietnam, a couple of our rooms have had no windows. The Hanoi hotel we just checked into promised me there was a window in the room they kept for me. I guess they weren’t lying.”


Source: konahopper

“The kids were disappointed, but the wife and I laughed all the way back to our hotel room.”


Source: ohfakit

“Staying in a sh***y hotel in New York when..”


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