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5 Things You Should Never Order From A Coffee Shop





Coffee lovers, beware – there are certain choices on the coffee shop menu you should never bother ordering at all. The reason, you ask? Well, they are totally just a waste of money!

In an article published by PureWow, a barista “at a popular coffee shop in New York City” was interviewed and asked some of the things she would never order and named at least 5 products.

So the next time you go out for your caffeine fill, be sure to eliminate these from your potential options.

1. Extra-Hot Americano.

Source: Twenty20

What is the difference of ordering an extra-hot Americano? Nothing much, of course, aside from it being, well, extremely hot. In any case, you are essentially ordering the same cup but just have to wait longer before you can sip it.

2. ‘Bone-Dry’ Cappuccino

Source: Twenty20

In case you are unaware, a cappuccino is made of three things – one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk, and one-third foam. ‘Bone-dry’ cappuccino is nothing but more foam and the steamed milk left out. This means you’re only paying for some extra bubbles on your cup!

3. Skimmed Soy Latte

Source: Twenty20

Yes, we all know what skim milk is and what a soy milk is. But a skimmed soy milk? That’s not even a thing so don’t bother ordering this! It’s just the coffee shop messing with your mind – and your wallet.

4. Cappuccino With Almond Milk

Source: Twenty20

If you’re ordering for a cappuccino with almond milk, you might as well order a latte. Besides, almond milk does nothing more to your beverage than give it slightly thicker foam. If you’re not into that, then just stick to cow’s milk.

5. Butterbeer Latte

Source: WB

The much-rumored ‘secret menu’ of coffee shops? It is, like Harry Potter, merely a work of fiction. PureWow reveals that baristas actually “aren’t trained to make secret menu items”.

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