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30 Ways People Waste Time When They’re Bored At Work

So, how far have you gone to kill boredom at work?


They say having a job is the Real McCoy in this world because without one, it’s almost impossible to live. But not matter how good or bad a work can be, we can’t sometimes help but get bored. Perhaps this is due to the daily routine or just the way the office looks? Either way, boredom always finds a way in our work life.

Interestingly, boredom can likewise spark a person’s creativity. Yes, the latter can sometimes be spurred even when you lack focus. Don’t you think the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Leonardo Da Vinci would be known if not for it? Because believe it or not, they were able to produce the best work at the very last minute.

This is exactly what this compilation is all about. Below are images that show people’s creativity when they’re bored at work. And you’ll actually be amazed by the results.

#1. Seriously, Pringles should hire this guy.

Source: Reddit
#2. They say books are "a window to the world," and this one is an epitome.

#3. Yup, this one was courtesy of a mechanic. He should be a robotics major or something.

Source: Capinron
#4. Timing and accuracy, man. Timing and accuracy.

Source: Paperkut
#5. Ah, a perfect example of wordplay.

#6. So that's why these things are missing in the office today!

Source: Konradkc
#7. Post-Its is KING!

Source: Kickarr
#8. This is more about patience that creativity. LOL

#9. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Source: Lolo4369
#10. When you can't get enough of Saitama…. even at work.

Source: Mykybo
#11. This is actually so satisfying to look at.

#12. Boredom level: Genius!

Source: ilikestars
#13. A trip down to memory lane, boys and girls!

Source: Fobiza
#14. Don't worry, no dogs died that day.

#15. Yup, Milton continues to live. Surprise!

Source: zargon1978
#16. This is actually perfect for marriage. Any takers?

#17. So what do workers at a dump do when bored? This.

Source: imgur
#18. Legend has it that this thing flew.

#19. Just one of the many ways to make use of your time… and copper.

Source: KnightScuba
#20. Is this guy even working? Like seriously?

Source: Epochalypse
#21. So, Doc, what's the diagnosis? "Arf arf!"

Source: Sh8y_L8
#22. I actually thought this one was for a Predator or something.

Source: Chrsstffr
#23. Those are actually bacteria. Yep!

Source: smashbrowns
#24. Perfect for cold weather nights, eh?

Source: leroux
#25. Another reason to learn Excel.

Source: dunyanews
#26. Remember when I said creativity?

Source: manphibian
#27. This dude got some seriously skills.

#28. Because this is how those Ninja Turtles should really look in real life.

Source: Tastybread
#29. Keyword: Balance.

Source: taxikab817
#30. Just imagine what this guy can do if he's not really working.


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