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30 Of The Most Savage Jokes About Italians





Italians are perhaps the sweetest and most romantic people here on Earth. At least, these are the qualities that we usually hear about them. But seriously, humanity has a lot to thank for these people. They gave us Leonardo da Vinci, wine, pizza… and the list just goes on and on.

Apart from the aforementioned, Italians also gave us a reason to laugh. Not in a bad way, okay? People often comment about their odd accent, overstated hand movements, and insatiable love for pasta. Or how about all the Mafia references people throw at them from time to time?

You see, there is something about the Italians that only they possess. Well, whatever that is, it is better to leave it as a mystery. So enough of these, and let us go straight to the good stuff.

Below are among the most savage jokes about our Italian friends. Go dive in and have fun!

#1. Yup, they have heavy influence on movies. Right, Ridley Scott?

#2. Remember what I told you about pasta?

#3. As they say, "they are never in it for the fame or glory."

#4. Here goes that hand gesture!

#5. Honestly, the mirror got me. I took off after reading it.

#6. Bet you cannot notice the difference, right?

#7. Arresting Italians 101.

#8. Ha! Yours is nothing compared to this!

#9. Shall we call it "The Mushroom-Pizza Cloud?"

#10. I'm sure the outlet also kind of looks the same.

#11. Do you approve of this, Mark?

#12. Even the trees respect the sacred hand gesture.

#13. Only in Italy, guys. Only in Italy.

#14. This one is so funny that you might have never noticed the user who wrote it.

#15. Does this mean "Wolverini?"

#16. The legend continues…

#17. Only the Italians have the courage to do such.

#18. They say only 1 out of 5 people become fluent in speaking Italian.

#19. Mario also throws balls using the hand gesture!

#20. The folks there use one hand sign… you know what is.

#21. Yes, this is being taught at schools.

#22. Do not mistake them for pasta, please.

#23. They have been doing this since they were kids.

#24. You will not even hear the violators complain, not even a single word.

#25. They are the most appreciative people on Earth.

#26. No wonder their spaghetti tastes so great.

#27. Believe it or not, this costs millions.

#28. He died a hero, though!

#29. Seriously, Google needs to re-calibrate its translator.

#30. This will also shut them up for a while.

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