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26 Illustrations Vividly Show What It’s Like To Suffer Depression





Unlike before, people now are starting to accept depression as a serious mental health issue. This is perhaps due to the growing number of suicides, we hear in the news. Interestingly, an artist who also struggles with said issue found a way to use it to her advantage. Or at least, it is where she gets ideas for her art.

Alice De Ste Croix, or better known as DestinyBlue, is an artist on DeviantArt and she has been posting her work on the platform since 2004. She is widely known for creating vivid and thought-provoking illustrations.

The interesting thing she does with her art is the way she injects emotional stories. Known as “Blue” by her fans, the self-taught artist crafts her masterpieces using Photoshop CS6. Take a dive into DestinyBlue’s imaginations and feel the loneliness she is trying to convey.

#1. Because deep inside, she is…

#2. When “forever” actually means “over”.

#3. No matter how bad it can be, there is always hope.

#4. Victims try to appear ok, but in reality, they feel broken.

#5. Friends can always be there for you.

#6. When you’re too anxious of the people around you…

#7. Sometimes, they try to hide things just to keep their loved ones happy.

#8. Trust is key.

#9. “I’m fine.”

#10. Tears do leave scars, the ones that cannot be seen.

#11. Depressed people also feel like life is complicated.

#12. Or that they have no friends at all.

#13. They tend to act strong and invulnerable.

#14. They always try to keep their true self to themselves.

#15. In reality, they just want to be freed from the shackles of loneliness and depression.

#16. The makeup for war.

#17. Depression sews the very intents of the heart.

#18. No matter how comforting life can be, they still feel alone.

#19. The truth can be seen in their eyes.

#20. That everything for them is wrong.

#21. Eyes are the windows to one's soul.

#22. The missing puzzle piece.

#23. At the end of the day, they just want to open up.

#24. They want to speak from their hearts.

#25. Giving them wings is a start.

#26. Depression kills.

You can check the other works of DestinyBlue on DeviantArt.

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