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21 Cool Teachers Who’ll Make You Want To Be In Their Classes

I want to be in #11’s class!


Teachers are among the main people that shape a kid’s mind, character, and outlook in life. There are so many kinds of teachers out there, but unfortunately, we mostly remember the scary and mean ones.

However, you always have a choice to not focus on those “terror teachers,” because there are a lot of terrific ones that could brighten up your day. Here are 21 cool teachers who will make you want to be in their classes.

1. When your teacher can draw a world map from memory.

2. Student’s tears.

I wonder how they taste like.

3. “I wish my substitute teacher was this cool.”

4. Make peace, not war. These guys were caught fighting and were forced to hold hands by their teacher.

They could be BFFs now.

5. One teacher rotates memes every week.

6. Teachers are funny, too.

7. A teacher who is a student at heart.

8. Take a hint.

9. True.

Couldn’t agree more.

10. Multitasker.

11. I don’t think anyone could change his mind.

He can be right.

12. Teachers can be your friends too.

The student said:

“This was my teacher; he retired last year. But he was one of the most amazing and greatest guys I knew. He knew how to be a teacher. He was my best friend and loved every day of his job. What an amazing guy.”

13. Ingenuity at its finest.

14. “I dressed up as Indiana Jones on school picture day. Yep, I’m a teacher.”

15. I bet even adults would love it!

16. This teacher didn’t mind when the student brought a dog to class to save it from the hurricane.

17. Deadpool is a teacher.

18. Very comfortable.

19. Claps on sleeping students.

20. A fish tank desk.

21. Teachers can’t be at the same place at the same time.

Do you have a cool teacher? Tell us your story in the comments section below!


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