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20 Times Parents Crossed The Line And Embarrassed Their Kids





Over time, when we grow into adults, we tend to drift away from our parents and start “adulting.” But no matter how much you act as an adult, your parents will somehow still see you as that little kid they raised – and for that, they could embarrass you at some point.

Parents do mean well whenever they want to do something for their kids. However, some moments can be cringeworthy because they tend to happen when you are around friends or a girlfriend/boyfriend.

These 20 examples, according to some, are among the most embarrassing moments they have with their parents – and they can be downright hilarious!

#1. Way to go, dad!

#2. When dad can’t stop talking about what happened, he must be very proud… Isn’t this a good thing?

#3. Moms and their perfect timing.

#4. Because mom wants to kill time and have some fun too.

#5. Because parents know the importance of proper protection.

#6. Oh wow. Just wow dad.

#7. Because mom’s got it, so why not flaunt it?

#8. They really made sure their kid won’t go hungry. So much love right there.

#9. Because mom wants her Chick-Fil-A to be perfect!

#10. Aww.. Dad, don’t be so hard on your kid.

#11. Oh wow! Whoever this kid is, he or she must have frequent facepalm moments.

#12. How to be a turnoff or how to get a girl not to like you.

#13. That awkward moment.

#14. Mom and dad are just checking out the prospects.

#15. Dad misses those days.

#16. The truth is out! Mom should stay away from alcohol then.

#17. Do you think mom can handle it?

#18. When mom innocently puts you on the spot.

#19. Better late than never I guess.

#20. I can’t imagine how scarred for life she must have been.

Do you have more embarrassing stories about parents to tell? Share them in the comment section below!

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