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20 Cute Dog Snaps that will make you Rate your Own Hounds





Every dog has their own cuteness. Of course, they hold a beauty of their own. The dog owners, on the other hand, believe that their pets possess an ability that no other dogs have. Certainly, they will love their own and brag about it. Who else will love your dog but you (aside from the onlookers who rate your pup’s cuteness)?

Speaking of rating dogs for their looks and skills, there is this page on Twitter called We Rate Dogs. This account is solely for dog owners and their hounds. Here, you will see adorable snaps of different canines, from big to small. You can even send the photo of your own pup and they will rate it based on his looks and your story.

Don’t worry, they give good ratings. From 0 to 10 with a hilarious comment that will make your pet instantly famous and loved. So, check out these 20 snaps that will make you question yourself if you have already seen the cutest dogs on the planet.

This matured looking dog has a rate of 10/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
Oh well, this one is only following what he had read. Definitely a 11/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
A window-cleaner dog. A 11/10 for being hard-working


Source: We Rate Dogs
This dog who wouldn’t be happy until he rides the swing. A 12/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
A 2-in-1 dog. 12/10 for being 2-face


Source: We Rate Dogs
A relax AF dog. A 11/10 for enjoying his rest day as a human


Source: We Rate Dogs
This dog is Leonard and his hiding from all his problems. Definitely a 10/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
Oakley has a rate of 11/10 for littering and planning to clean it


Source: We Rate Dogs
A 11/10 for Brandonald for taking a selfie of his own


Source: We Rate Dogs
This is Walrus, a Taiwanese Dog Guide. A 10/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
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