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20 Cute Dog Snaps that will make you Rate your Own Hounds

Can you rate these dogs cuteness? I’ll give them all a hundred out of 10 🙂


Every dog has their own cuteness. Of course, they hold a beauty of their own. The dog owners, on the other hand, believe that their pets possess an ability that no other dogs have. Certainly, they will love their own and brag about it. Who else will love your dog but you (aside from the onlookers who rate your pup’s cuteness)?

Speaking of rating dogs for their looks and skills, there is this page on Twitter called We Rate Dogs. This account is solely for dog owners and their hounds. Here, you will see adorable snaps of different canines, from big to small. You can even send the photo of your own pup and they will rate it based on his looks and your story.

Don’t worry, they give good ratings. From 0 to 10 with a hilarious comment that will make your pet instantly famous and loved. So, check out these 20 snaps that will make you question yourself if you have already seen the cutest dogs on the planet.

This matured looking dog has a rate of 10/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
Oh well, this one is only following what he had read. Definitely a 11/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
A window-cleaner dog. A 11/10 for being hard-working


Source: We Rate Dogs
This dog who wouldn’t be happy until he rides the swing. A 12/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
A 2-in-1 dog. 12/10 for being 2-face


Source: We Rate Dogs
A relax AF dog. A 11/10 for enjoying his rest day as a human


Source: We Rate Dogs
This dog is Leonard and his hiding from all his problems. Definitely a 10/10


Source: We Rate Dogs
Oakley has a rate of 11/10 for littering and planning to clean it


Source: We Rate Dogs
A 11/10 for Brandonald for taking a selfie of his own


Source: We Rate Dogs
This is Walrus, a Taiwanese Dog Guide. A 10/10


Source: We Rate Dogs


People Express Outrage After Pakistan Municipal Officials Poison 700 Stray Dogs

More dogs are expected to be poisoned.

Animal rights activists and community members are up in arms over animal cruelty in Karachi, Pakistan. Municipal authorities apparently chose poison to cull the stray dog population, killing an estimated 700 canines in the district.

Photos showing the results of the massacre went viral over social media, and netizens expressed their disgust and anger at the needless deaths.

Hundreds of dog carcasses littered the streets after the purge.

dogs 1

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This “Land of the Strays” is Paradise for Dogs and Dog Lovers Alike

Labeled as “Territorio de Zaguates” or “Land of the Strays”, the sanctuary is a “No-Kill Zone” located in the mountainous region of Santa Barbara in Heredia province, Costa Rica.


If you're a dog lover, then this place might just be for you.

Labeled as "Territorio de Zaguates" or "Land of the Strays", the sanctuary is a "No-Kill Zone" located in the mountainous region of Santa Barbara in Heredia province, Costa Rica. The volunteer-run organization has been providing sanctuary to hundreds of dogs for the past nine years. To date, it shelters around 900 dogs and other animals such as cats.

Now imagine that number of dogs in one place, wouldn't that be a nightmare to manage? Well, apparently not, according to the organization. All dogs they take in are sterilized, vaccinated, and dewormed. Dogs which require special attention, such as those with malnutrition or skin conditions, are separated and treated.

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Top 10 Dog Breeds Most Likely to Bite You

Ever wondered which dog breed has caused the most harm to humans? Here’s the top 10 list!

Before you get a dog, you'd want to do some pretty extensive research, right? You want to know which dog breed is best for households with kids or lots of adults. You want to know which breeds would fare best in a big house or in a small city apartment. You want to know which of them would get along with other pets, and which would require the most exercise.

Most of all, you want to know which breed of dog is most likely to cause harm to humans.

To get that info, we've decided to simplify the information we got from wherein they outlined the dog breeds that are notorious biters. The study was conducted over the course of 32 years (1982 - 2014) in both Canada and USA.

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