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18 Hidden Tourist Spots In The US To Enjoy Your Vacation While Staying Off The Grid

These underrated places should be in our bucket lists.






Are you planning your next time off away from the busyness of life? But you want to avoid the thick crowds? Luckily, the U.S. is home to many stunning off-the-beaten-path places.

These places are perfect for your next holiday! Here are 18 spots that are less frequented by tourists.

#1. Bend, Oregon

Are you the adventurous type? Go hiking, skiing, biking, and paddleboarding at this beautiful scenic spot!

#2. Block Island, Rhode Island

White sandy beaches of Block Island that are free from the noise of the crowd.

#3. Bozeman, Montana

Enjoy the scenic views of mountains and forests or drop by the museums for an educational trip. You are free to do both!

#4. Brainerd Lakes, Minnesota

Go swimming at one of Minnesota’s hidden premier vacation destinations.

#5. Door County, Wisconsin

Door County is a place of scenic beauty, art, and cherry orchards!

#6. Fredericksburg, Texas

Enjoy a pleasant visit to this beautiful wine region!

#7. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado

Visit the country’s tallest sand dunes at this park in Colorado!

#8. Hermann, Missouri

Spend your Germany-themed vacation at the picturesque town of Hermann!

#9. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Take a dip in the natural springs of this spa town at Arkansas.

#10. Lake George islands, New York

Pick one destination among the 387 campsites at Lake George!

#11. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Spend your vacation at this National Historic Landmark.

#12. Mount Bohemia, Michigan

This place is the perfect ski resort!

#13. Ross Lake, Washington

Relax at the sight of Ross Lake’s clear blue waters.

#14. Swan’s Island, Maine

Enjoy the delicious seafood of Swan’s Island!

#15. Taos, New Mexico

Take your time off at the ancient adobe village of Taos Pueblo.

#16. Tongue Point, Washington

Experience the great outdoors at Tongue Point!

#17. Topsail Island, North Carolina

Relax at one of North Carolina’s most beautiful but least crowded beaches.

#18. Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Take a hike at Nevada’s impressive red sandstone formations.

If you are looking for beautiful places for relaxation without experiencing the hassle of the noisy crowd, these places are perfect for you!

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Churches are holy places where believers go to worship. The architectural design of all churches, although different from each other, have a similarity which makes them unique with any other buildings.

In the region of Kerala in Southern India, the designs of these temples have been variously influenced by the Western style. Every church is a reinterpretation of the Indian culture by the use of intense colors and effusively sculptural language.

The design choices mostly consist of stars, castles and ships.

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Unlike the deserts that we are used to, the Carcross Desert is different and is one of a kind. It is as well considered to be one of the most bizarre phenomena geologically speaking. The Carcross Desert was called originally Naataase Heen which means water is running through the narrows.

The Carcross Desert In Canada is the smallest known desert in the whole world at 600m wide.

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This medieval clock was the most visited Czech monument and is nearing its 608th anniversary. Not seeing the Orloj during your visit to Prague is like missing the Eiffel Tower on your trip to France.

The world’s oldest astronomical clock.

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