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18 Animals Who Can Imitate Their Humans So Well





It is a common belief that pets and owners tend to resemble one another. In fact, most of these adorable animals and their humans do not only look so much alike that would make you do a double take, but they can also even do the same expressions!

Well, what better way to capture these moments than the human taking a selfie with their beloved pets, right? Here are 18 snaps of animals who can imitate their owners so well.

1. Who did it better?
2. The cones of shame.

3. You smile, I smile.

4. When relaxing is your perfect bonding moment.

5. When your dog is so good at selfies that it makes you look like a newbie.

6. I guess it’s safe to say that they both have the same talent.

7. Twinning!

8. When you can’t take your own selfie anymore.

9. Nothing to see here, folks. Just two brothers taking a nap.

10. All the pup needs is a pair of glasses.

11. Put your leg up.

12. They are morphing into one.

13. When you both like to make some noise together.

14. Who’s copying who?

15. The cat looks more fierce, though.

16. Perfect clone.

17. Yoga 101

18. Same hair, same tongue – Yup, they must be twins.

And here are some solo pictures of animals that perfectly imitate our ways. They don’t even need a human beside them to look human.

When you realized that it’s Monday and the weekend is officially over.

Yoga is great for everyone, and this dog agrees.

“Just chilling here, waiting for the wait to take my order.”

When you’re done with all the chores, so you have this precious time to relax and do nothing.

Your face when you got back home from the grocery and realized you forgot to buy the main ingredient for dinner.

“I’m not lonely, I just want to be alone.”

When you’re in the middle of an argument and all of a sudden he tells you you’re beautiful.

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