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17 Forsaken Historical Airports In The World





Airports are busy establishments. With millions of people traveling around the world, who would have thought that airports get abandoned, too?

Every place has their story to tell, including the abandoned airports. Here are the 17 abandoned airports and the reasons why it was closed.

1. Nicosia International Airport, Cyprus

Source: SkyScanner

It is Cyprus’s most important airport, however, after Turkey’s invasion, it has become a no-man’s land.

2. Johnston Atoll Airport, USA

Source: SkyScanner

Found on a small island in Hawaii, this airport was a US military base with an underground hospital. After the Japanese attack during World War II, it’s never used again.

3. Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport, Spain

Source: SkyScanner

Not technically abandoned, this airport was declared officially open in March 2011 but no flight has been recorded until recently.

4. Don Quijote Airport, Spain

Source: SkyScanner

Ciudad Real Central (official name) is Spain’s first and last private international airport, which reportedly cost about €1.1 billion. It closed in 2012.

5. Berlin Tempelhof, Germany

Source: SkyScanner

Berlin-Tempelhof used to be world’s largest building before the Pentagon. After shutting down, the airport building has become an events place, and the Tempelhof Field is now Berlin’s largest public park.

6. Croydon Airport, UK

Source: SkyScanner

Famously known for being the first airport with air traffic control.

7. RAF Binbrook, UK

Source: SkyScanner

Used by RAF bombers during World War 2 up to the 1980’s. It was also the film set of the movie Memphis Belle.

8. Gaza International Airport, Gaza Strip

Source: SkyScanner

Opened in 1998 but in 2001, Israeli forces bombed its facilities and later, bulldozed its runway.

9. Stapleton International Airport, USA

Source: SkyScanner

In 1997, a storm caused severe damage to its infrastructure forcing it to close. What one can find now is just remnants of the past.

10. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, USA

Source: SkyScanner

Scenes from the iconic movie Independence Day where shot on this airfield. It closed in 1999.

11. Galeville, Shawangunk, USA

Source: SkyScanner

This is the smallest military airfield in upstate NY and was a military academy.

12. Floyd Bennett Field, New York, USA

Source: SkyScanner

It’s one of New York’s significant airport back in the day but now a public park.

13. Robert Mueller Municipal Airport, USA

Source: SkyScanner

This airport served Austin City from 1928 to 1999. The only thing that’s left is its old control tower.

14. Kai Tak International Airport, Hong Kong

Source: SkyScanner

Kai Tak International Airport is one of the most notorious for landings and take off in the world from 1925 to 1988.

15. Montreal Mirabel Airport, Canada

Source: SkyScanner

It became a white elephant for the government due to few travelers, causing it to stop its operation. Since then it starred in the movie The Terminal and is used now as a testing ground.

16. RAF Upper Heyford Airport, UK

Source: SkyScanner

In 1915, this airport kicked off as an RFC airbase and later on became an RAF bomber base. The US Air Force rented this airbase after the World War II but is now unutilized after handing it back.

17. David Monthan Airfield, Arizona, USA

Source: SkyScanner

Considered as the world’s most massive boneyard as it is where the Navy, US Army, Coast Guard and Marines lay to rest their old and broken aircraft bodies.

Have you once seen any of these airports on their splendor?

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